ICTP Virtual Activities

Creative ideas for virtual activities at ICTP

ICTP is piloting several fully-virtual formats of new activities that are geared to promote more active research and educational interactions all through the virtual medium. Some examples of activities that we have run at ICTP include:

1) Looking for a science-filled summer vacation? Try the Virtual Retreats: Small activities of ~50 participants aimed at bringing together different research groups all over the world to discuss and share ideas on focused topics with maximal involvement.  See an example of one of these summer retreats held last year at ICTP:

Joint QLS-CMSP Virtual Summer Retreat on Heat, Water, Noise, and Life  (see recording on YouTube)

2) Are you a curious hitchhiker? Try our Virtual Hitchhikers Schools: Spread over several weeks, the goal is to meet once a week and have an interactive Q/A discussion with expert scientists on cutting edge topics in physics. See an example of a recent Hitchhikers school:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics: Machine Learning for Condensed Matter (see recording on YouTube)

When creating proposals for Scientific Calendar activities, ICTP encourages organisers to consider formats such as those presented above.