24 Nov 2021

Call for Applications

ICTP/IAEA Sandwich Training Educational Programme 2022 fellowships

24 Nov 2021

Tiny Machine Learning

Small tech means big possibilities for developing countries

22 Nov 2021

Postdoctoral Fellowship Available

For research in photothermal spectroscopy

19 Nov 2021

The Diploma Programme's First Class: Hae-Young Kee

Alumna reflects on 30-year career in science

17 Nov 2021

ICTP Colloquium Today

Featuring Princeton Professor Pablo Debenedetti

16 Nov 2021

Application Deadline Extended

2022-2023 ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme

15 Nov 2021

Climate Science at COP26

ICTP climatologist Erika Coppola at Glasgow conference

11 Nov 2021

Diploma Alumni Success

Career recognition for Diploma alumni

03 Nov 2021

Postdoc Opportunities at ICTP

Application deadlines for 2022 Fellowships

02 Nov 2021

Former ICTP Director Honored

Katepalli Sreenivasan wins Fluid Dynamics Prize

02 Nov 2021

COP26: Spotlight on Climate Science & Decisionmaking

An overview of ICTP's climate research

29 Oct 2021

ICTP is Hiring!

Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics senior researcher vacancy

29 Oct 2021

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Section

Starting Fall 2022; apply by December 2021 deadlines

28 Oct 2021

To the Standard Model ...and Beyond

Meet Joan Elias Miró, a young physicist trying to solve the puzzles of the Standard Model

26 Oct 2021

Remembering Miguel Virasoro

Friends and collaborators pay tributes to late scientist's impact

25 Oct 2021

Words of Wisdom

Nobel laureate Giorgio Parisi shares his views on “The Value of Science” at joint ICTP-SISSA colloquium

21 Oct 2021

Macroscopic laws for a microscopic world

New research gives unexpected insights on human microbiome

18 Oct 2021

2020 Dirac Medal and Prize Ceremony

Honoring André Neveu, Pierre Ramond, & Miguel Virasoro

18 Oct 2021

Nobel Colloquium

2021 Laureate Giorgio Parisi at ICTP for Public Lecture

14 Oct 2021

ICTP Postdoctoral Opportunities 2022

High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics section seeks applicants

13 Oct 2021

In Memoriam

Charles Chidume

12 Oct 2021

Tunisian excellence at ICTP and beyond

The country's new Prime Minister is an example of Tunisian science excellence connected to ICTP

11 Oct 2021

Falling Walls Award for ICTP Alumni

Stéphane Kenmoe & Making Science the Star honoured

08 Oct 2021

Mathematics Excellence

ICTP mathematician Don Zagier shares Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award 2021

06 Oct 2021

Climate Nobel

Climate modelling in spotlight after Physics Nobel 2021 announcement

05 Oct 2021

From Dirac to Nobel

Giorgio Parisi wins 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics

04 Oct 2021

ICTP Colloquium 6 October

arXiv founder Paul Ginsparg to speak

29 Sep 2021

Interview with Andrea Ghez

The 2020 Nobel Laureate on passion for science, communication and mentoring a new generation of scientists

22 Sep 2021

Celebrating Science

Researcher's Night and Trieste Next festival this weekend

16 Sep 2021

New ICTP Collaboration in the Middle East

MoU with the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan and SESAME

15 Sep 2021

Maker Faire Trieste 2021

Two days to celebrate science, technology and creativity

10 Sep 2021

2020 ICTP Prize celebrates the behaviour of matter

Upcoming ceremony recognizes outstanding work in topology and non-equilibrium physics

07 Sep 2021

Sylvester James Gates, Jr. at ICTP

Diversity and the Mentorship of Abdus Salam

06 Sep 2021

ICTP Colloquium: Chris Stringer

Latest resaerch on human evolution 16:00 CET Wednesday

02 Sep 2021

High Energy, Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics Section Hiring

Research scientist: deadline 30 September

31 Aug 2021

Meet the Diploma Grads

Students ready to take next step in their science careers

26 Aug 2021

Pursuing Science Through Hardship

Diploma student from Afghanistan shares his story

25 Aug 2021

Nobel Lecture Today

Physics Laureate Andrea Ghez to talk about Black Holes

25 Aug 2021

Academic Achievement

Graduation ceremony for ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme

23 Aug 2021

Gender Equality in Science

Shobhana Narasimhan on overcoming systemic gender discrimination

20 Aug 2021

Postdoc Position Available

High Performance and Cloud Computing

17 Aug 2021

Diploma 30th Anniversary

Join the celebrations 23-25 August

13 Aug 2021

Diploma Memories

Catching up with Concetta Mosca, the Diploma Programme's first secretary

12 Aug 2021

A role model for young physicists

ICTP Diploma alumnus Muntazir Abidi tells about his brilliant career

10 Aug 2021

Climate Wake-up Call

Report on science basis of climate change includes ICTP input

09 Aug 2021

Dirac Medallists 2021 Announced

Four share prize for theoretical work essential to the detection of gravitational waves

04 Aug 2021

ICTP and the G20

Meetings this week with ministerial delegates underscore ICTP's crucial role in developing sustainable science

02 Aug 2021

In Memoriam

Steven Weinberg

23 Jul 2021

In Memoriam

Miguel Virasoro

13 Jul 2021

Call for Proposals

ICTP's 2022 Scientific Calendar of conferences, workshops and schools

09 Jul 2021

Fostering Dialogue on Internet Governance

ICTP hosted virtually the annual EuroDIG meeting for the second time

06 Jul 2021

Climate Research Honour

Staff Associate In-Sik Kang awarded prestigious climate prize

30 Jun 2021

Finance Through the Lens of Physics and Maths

Recent ideas from information thermodynamics shed light on financial markets

29 Jun 2021

News from ICTP Goes Digital!

Subscribe to ICTP's new e-newsletter

28 Jun 2021

Call for Nominations, ICTP Prize 2021

30 September deadline

25 Jun 2021

In Memoriam

Assia Harbi

23 Jun 2021

Africa's Rising Stars of Physics

A ceremony celebrates the first class of graduates from ICTP-EAIFR

22 Jun 2021

Meet the Masters

First cohort of students complete ICTP-EAIFR masters requirements

16 Jun 2021

Science, Technology, & Innovation Section Hiring

Postdoctoral opportunity: deadline 31 July

15 Jun 2021

Science Boost for Africa

ICTP-EAIFR to celebrate graduation of 1st cohort masters students

03 Jun 2021

Mathematics Section is Hiring!

Deadline extension: Senior Research Scientist to lead Algebraic Geometry research

02 Jun 2021

Remembering M.S. Narasimhan

Colleagues to host online memorial meetings on 4 & 7 June

27 May 2021

Citizens for Science, Science for Society

An ICTP virtual workshop highlights the full potential of Citizen Science

27 May 2021

Celebrating Physics Excellence

ICTP Prize ceremony will honour 2019 recipients

17 May 2021

In Memoriam

M.S. Narasimhan

14 May 2021

A Home for Global Science

ICTP & local institutes welcome International Union of Pure and Applied Physics to Trieste

11 May 2021

Understanding and designing materials with supercomputers

Record of applications for the 2021 edition of the MaX School on Advanced Materials and Molecular Modelling with the Quantum ESPRESSO software

29 Apr 2021

The Future is in Data

ICTP among academic and business partners of new data science institute

21 Apr 2021

A Normal Metal Behaving Strangely

Two ICTP scientists uncover dramatic electronic structure changes

21 Apr 2021

Glowing Tangles

Investigating the Atomistic Mechanism of a New Type of Fluorescence

13 Apr 2021

ICTP PhD Opportunity

Scholarship on olfactory search in a turbulent environment available

07 Apr 2021

Diploma Reunion

ICTP event to celebrate 30 years Diploma Programme

01 Apr 2021

Physics Without Frontiers Open Call

Propose a project to train and inspire young physicists

26 Mar 2021

Gambling strategies for a microscopic world

A new paper introduces a gambling version of Maxwell's demon

23 Mar 2021

ICTP's 2021 Dirac Medal

Nomination deadline extended to 25 June

22 Mar 2021

New ICTP Alumni Network

Inauguration of the Pak-ICTP Alumni Society

15 Mar 2021

Colloquium 17 March

Anton Alekseev, Université de Genève, Switzerland to speak

08 Mar 2021

Understanding the Nature of Reality

In Conversation With Frank Wilczek

08 Mar 2021

In Memoriam

Gemma Teresa Narisma

03 Mar 2021

Colloquium Today

Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek to speak about time crystals

03 Mar 2021

Reading the Physics Hiding in Data

A multidisciplinary team of scientists finds a way for detecting phase transitions in raw data

26 Feb 2021

Science for Sustainability

How ICTP contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

23 Feb 2021

All about Weather and Climate

An ICTP & University of Trento Seminar Series starting February 25

23 Feb 2021

High-tech Grads

Degree ceremony 26 February for masters in high performance computing

19 Feb 2021

Bright Future for African Physical Society

Gathering to highlight physics excellence

18 Feb 2021

Alicia Dickenstein Wins L'Oreal-UNESCO International Award

Argentinian mathematician and ICTP Simons Associate honored

16 Feb 2021

Call for Applications

ICTP Master in Medical Physics Programme

16 Feb 2021

Giorgio Parisi awarded the Wolf Prize 2021

Parisi is an ICTP Dirac Medallist

11 Feb 2021

What Goes on in the Pacific Doesn't Stay in the Pacific

Two ICTP researchers on how the Indian Ocean affects winter in Europe

04 Feb 2021

Postdoc Position Available

Research to combat malaria in Africa

04 Feb 2021

Technology and Science

ICTP launches Science, Technology and Innovation Unit

29 Jan 2021

Spirit of Salam Winners Announced

Three share the 2021 prize

28 Jan 2021

Dirac Medal Prize Ceremony

Virtual celebration on 29 January

28 Jan 2021

Where Physics Meets Medicine

Students receive ICTP medical physics master's degree

26 Jan 2021

ICTP Postdoc Opportunities

Openings available in HPC, Seismology

25 Jan 2021

23rd Century Climate Remade

ICTP alumnus publishes in Nature Climate Change

21 Jan 2021

Optics Excellence

2021 ICO/ICTP Gallieno Denardo Award Winner Announced

19 Jan 2021

Deadline 15 February

ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme

18 Jan 2021

Celebrating Cosmology at ICTP

Salam Distinguished Lectures, and the Dirac Medal Ceremony, highlight science excellence

07 Jan 2021

Best Wishes for the New Year

A message from ICTP Director Atish Dabholkar