04 Dec 2019

Science Excellence

ICTP senior scientist honoured by national academies

25 Nov 2019

Spotlight on Basic Science

ICTP mission on display at World Science Forum 2019

15 Nov 2019

Peskin Colloquium Upcoming

"The Quest for 30 TeV" Wednesday 20 November

15 Nov 2019

Working Towards Gender Equity, One Workshop at a Time

Fourth Career Development Workshop for Women in Physics

12 Nov 2019

Call for Nominations

Spirit of Abdus Salam Award 2020

12 Nov 2019

Growing Scientific Communities Internationally

APS Innovation Fund grant & other ASESMA activities

08 Nov 2019

The Gender Gap Is Real

ICTP hosts the final event of a global project

08 Nov 2019

International Spotlight on Science

World Science Day for Peace and Development

08 Nov 2019

QLS Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship

Starting Spring 2020

05 Nov 2019

Call for Applications

ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme

04 Nov 2019

Postdoc, Visiting Opportunities at ICTP

Application deadlines for 2020

01 Nov 2019

Professor Petra Rudolf on Molecular Motors

Colloquium 4 November at 16:30

31 Oct 2019

Generous Vampires

Batty behaviour explained by ICTP research could lead to robot applications

31 Oct 2019

From Diploma to Doctorate

Diploma alumni complete ICTP-SISSA Joint PhD Programme

30 Oct 2019

Leadership Inspired by Salam

Fernando Quevedo reflects on decade as ICTP director

24 Oct 2019

Math Opportunities in 2020

Apply now for visiting and postdoc fellowships

24 Oct 2019

Awarding Physics Excellence

Recipients of 2019 ICTP Prize announced

23 Oct 2019

Ramanujan Prize 2019 Announced

Award goes to Vietnamese mathematician

02 Oct 2019

Alumni Success

Highlights of ICTP alumni achievements

20 Sep 2019

ICTP Welcomes New Diploma Students

48 students from 28 countries begin intense year of study

20 Sep 2019

Bo Persson to Give ICTP Colloquium

25 September at 17:00

16 Sep 2019

Earth's Balancing Act

Greenhouse warming makes it harder to predict future strong El Niño events

16 Sep 2019

Optics, Vision, and Evolution Colloqium

Jean-Pierre Eckmann at ICTP Sept. 17

16 Sep 2019

International Mathematics Masters

ICTP & Pakistani university sign DoU

11 Sep 2019

New Support for ICTP Associates

Simons Foundation funds associateships; apply now!

11 Sep 2019

A Matter of Taste

ICTP hosts European chemoreception conference

09 Sep 2019

New Horizons Prize

Pedro Vieira of ICTP-SAIFR among 2020 recipients

05 Sep 2019

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Asem Abdelraouf: finding beauty in mathematics

03 Sep 2019

ICTP Colloquium

4 September event features physicist Timothy Beers

02 Sep 2019

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Nica Jane Ferrer: finding inspiration and paying it forward

29 Aug 2019

Today's Festivities

Diploma graduation, Spirit of Salam ceremonies

29 Aug 2019

2019 Diploma Graduation Ceremony

33 ICTP Diploma students honoured at ceremony

26 Aug 2019

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Eyoab Bahiru: inspired by Einstein

26 Aug 2019

Colloquium 28 August

Speaker: Liliana Arrachea, University of San Martín, Argentina

22 Aug 2019

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Apsara Dhakal: changing the face of geoscience in Nepal

08 Aug 2019

2019 Dirac Medal Announced

Three share prize for important contributions to modern cosmology

31 Jul 2019

New Data Sharing Initiative

Open access, curated data provides new resource at ICTP

30 Jul 2019

ICTP Announces Next Director

Atish Dabholkar will begin new post in November

22 Jul 2019

Separating The Data From The Noise

New paper from new QLS researcher Jean Barbier

22 Jul 2019

In Memoriam: Yukiya Amano

ICTP mourns the passing of IAEA Director General

19 Jul 2019

Collaborations in Science Diplomacy

BRIDGES science diplomacy network meets at ICTP

17 Jul 2019

In Memoriam

Chiamaka Okoli

16 Jul 2019

ICTP Colloquium on a Changed Climate

Clouds, Extreme Weather, & Global Changes

08 Jul 2019

Extreme Climate: What Will the Future Bring?

Public event 8 July to highlight the science behind climate change

24 Jun 2019

In Memoriam

Eduardo Ponton

13 Jun 2019

Diploma Programme Alum Success

IMPA tenure-track position

06 Jun 2019

Science for Sustainability

How ICTP contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

04 Jun 2019

Joint PhD Applications Open

Programme in earth science & fluid dynamics

04 Jun 2019

Prof. Carolina Araujo at ICTP

Math Colloquium 13 June

27 May 2019

Postdoctoral Fellowships Open

Research with ICTP's Quantitative Life Sciences section

21 May 2019

Mini Maker Faire, Science Picnic

ICTP welcomes makers this weekend

17 May 2019

Physics PhD in Rwanda

Call for applications, ICTP-EAIFR

17 May 2019

Pint of Science 2019

Three ICTP researchers speaking May 20-22

09 May 2019

Physics Without Frontiers Open Call

Join the effort to inspire and train the next generation

08 May 2019

Physics in China

ICTP-AP to host its first major conference

08 May 2019

PhD Funding Opportunity

Citizens of 8 countries eligible

06 May 2019

Futures of Quantum Technologies

Ignacio Cirac on the rapidly growing field

06 May 2019

Light Celebration 16 May

ICTP to host International Day of Light flagship event

02 May 2019

Seasonal Climatology in Kigali

ICTP-EAIFR hosts regional workshop

25 Apr 2019

Diving Into Complex Systems

ICTP hosts intense month-long College

25 Apr 2019

Physics PhD in Rwanda

ICTP partner institute will soon launch programme

25 Apr 2019

Choosing His Own Path

With ICTP support, Sadiq Khan builds new life in Italy

22 Apr 2019

No Longer Science Fiction

Black Hole Images Confirm Theoretical Predictions

18 Apr 2019

Renovations at ICTP

Budinich Lecture Hall remodelling begins

18 Apr 2019

Masters in High Performance Computing

Applications open; ICTP scholarship deadline 10 May

17 Apr 2019

Call for Nominations, ICTP Prize 2019

30 September Deadline

16 Apr 2019

Pi Day Celebration in Rwanda

ICTP partner institute holds mathematics competition

09 Apr 2019

Earth Day Awareness Year-Round

ICTP Postdoctoral Fellows Dive In

09 Apr 2019

Safeguarding Our Planet Through Science

Physics Without Frontiers in Zimbabwe

04 Apr 2019

Joe Polchinski Memorial Lecture

ICTP launches annual talk honouring renowned physicist

02 Apr 2019

2019 Ramanujan Prize

Nomination deadline extended to 1 May

01 Apr 2019

This Week at ICTP

Two colloquia not to be missed!

29 Mar 2019

A Celebration of Physics

2018 Dirac Medal honoured work on novel phases in many-body systems

28 Mar 2019

Diploma Success

Reyimuaji Yakefu earns PhD, accepts postdoc position in China

27 Mar 2019

ICTP-EAIFR is Hiring

Solid-earth physics faculty position available

27 Mar 2019

In Memoriam

Boris Dubrovin

27 Mar 2019

ICTP in Quantum Collaboration

Partners launch quantum technology institute

26 Mar 2019

Arrival of Medical Physics Students

Class of 2020 Begins Their Studies

15 Mar 2019

Quantum Collaboration

Trieste Science Centres to Inaugurate Quantum Technologies Institute

14 Mar 2019

Remembering Michael Atiyah

N.S. Narasimhan reflects on the late mathematician's contributions

07 Mar 2019

Mini Maker Faire, Science Picnic

ICTP announces dates for 2019 events

06 Mar 2019

Scientist Achievement

Alexei Smirnov appointed as Distinguished Professor

06 Mar 2019

Prize Honours Women in Science

Two Laureates Affiliated with ICTP

06 Mar 2019

ICTP-AP is Hiring

Asia-Pacific partner institute seeks scientists; 5 May deadline

05 Mar 2019

Pictures Below the Tyrrhenian Basin

Four ICTP geophysicists investigate

05 Mar 2019

In Memoriam

Rinus Verkerk

20 Feb 2019

Honours for CMSP Scientist

Alexander A. Nersesyan elected to National Academy of Sciences of Georgia

20 Feb 2019

Optics Excellence

2019 ICO/ICTP Award honours two researchers

18 Feb 2019

Galileo Medal to Juan Maldacena

Theoretical physicist awarded inaugural prize

18 Feb 2019

High-Tech Success

High Performance Computing graduates gain valuable skills

11 Feb 2019

Year of the Periodic Table

ICTP joins international celebration launching UN initiative

11 Feb 2019

Call for Applications

ICTP-EAIFR MSc in Physics

06 Feb 2019

Deadline 15 March 2019

Regional climate modeling postdoctoral positions at ICTP

05 Feb 2019

Forecasting Malaria

Climate models for public health at ICTP

05 Feb 2019

Supporting Gender Equality

ICTP to celebrate UN day for women in science

01 Feb 2019

Salam Distinguished Lectures 2019

Recorded Juan Maldacena lectures available online

01 Feb 2019

Honours & Achievements

Faculty, council members recognized for excellence

29 Jan 2019

Spirit of Salam Awardees Announced

This year's prize shared by three recipients

24 Jan 2019

Technical Capacity Building

ICTP awarded ITU Centre of Excellence status

23 Jan 2019

New Faculty in Rwanda

Two physicists to join ICTP-EAIFR in Spring 2019

22 Jan 2019

Being a Physicist in Gaza

Hala J. El-Khozondar speaks January 24

17 Jan 2019

Salam Distinguished Lectures 2019

Juan Maldacena is this year's featured speaker

16 Jan 2019

Science in the Middle East

ICTP and University of Sharjah strengthen ties

14 Jan 2019

Prof. A.M. Glazer To Give Colloquium

January 15 at 16:30

09 Jan 2019

Postdoc, Visiting Opportunities at ICTP

Application deadlines for 2019

08 Jan 2019

ICTP Prize Ceremony 9 January

Two share award for condensed matter physics research