01 Dec 2017

Become an ICTP Associate

Visiting scheme helps scientists maintain ICTP connection

30 Nov 2017

Deadline Today!

Call for nominations, Spirit of Abdus Salam Award

27 Nov 2017

Deadline 1 February

2018 Ramanujan Prize nominations

27 Nov 2017

Helen Quinn on Teaching Physics

Actively learning to think like scientists

23 Nov 2017

UNESCO Appoints New Director-General

Audrey Azoulay is second woman to hold position

23 Nov 2017

Latin America Day at ICTP

Centre hosts 18-country delegation for informational visit

22 Nov 2017

Helen Quinn Returns to ICTP

Colloquium Nov. 22 at 16:30

20 Nov 2017

Piecing Together the Past

The “Man of Ceprano” now reveals its true age and brain

17 Nov 2017

Science-Policy Interface

ICTP scientist working on IPCC climate change report

17 Nov 2017

Postdoc, Visiting Opportunities at ICTP

Apply now for 2018

16 Nov 2017

Math Postdoctoral Opportunities

ICTP Fellowships for 2018 available

15 Nov 2017

Science Dissemination for Everyone

New technology workshop at ICTP's SciFabLab

14 Nov 2017

International Day of Light

UNESCO has officially proclaimed 16 May as the International Day of Light

09 Nov 2017

Postdoctoral Opportunities at ICTP

Regional climate modeling positions available

08 Nov 2017

In Memoriam

Francis Allotey

03 Nov 2017

Mathematics Section Now Hiring

Research Scientist vacancy

31 Oct 2017

Condensed Matter Physics Opportunities

Postdoctoral and short-term visit positions available

27 Oct 2017

TONIGHT: ICTP at Trieste Science+Fiction Festival

Centre helped produce film about mathematician Evariste Galois

27 Oct 2017

In Memoriam

Abdourahamane Konaré

26 Oct 2017

Women in Physics Workshop 2017

Participants share ideas and experiences

26 Oct 2017

Awarding Science Excellence

ICTP's Filippo Giorgi receives prestigious EGU Medal

25 Oct 2017

Materials Science and Beyond

Nicola Spaldin on multiferroics and the Big Bang

25 Oct 2017

ICTP Colloquium

Prof. Carlo Beenakker to speak

25 Oct 2017

Following in Salam's Footsteps

Atish Dabholkar new head of HECAP section

24 Oct 2017

2018 APS Prizes Awarded

Three ICTP-affiliated scientists recognized

23 Oct 2017

High Energy Section Opportunities

Postdoctoral positions open

18 Oct 2017

ICTP Prize 2017 Announced

Award goes to Argentinian neuroscientist

18 Oct 2017

Celebrating Mathematics

Meeting Eduardo Teixeira, Ramanujan Prize winner 2017

17 Oct 2017

Quantitative Life Sciences Section Now Hiring

Two Associate Research Officer vacancies available

17 Oct 2017

A Model of Leptons

A brief history of Steven Weinberg’s seminal paper reveals its profound impact on theoretical physics

13 Oct 2017

ICTP Colloquium

Prof. Nicola Spaldin to speak

13 Oct 2017

ICTP Footprints

ICTP holds first workshop on IoT in Ethiopia

11 Oct 2017

Mathematics Celebration

Ramanujan Prize ceremony to be livestreamed

11 Oct 2017

Standard Model Milestone

Steven Weinberg’s livestreamed lecture marks 50 years since seminal paper

06 Oct 2017

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Samreena Samreena: In Pursuit of Pure Math

06 Oct 2017

Modern Technology and Teamwork

From prototypes to product engineering at ICTP-IAEA school

03 Oct 2017

2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

Among the numerous collaborators to LIGO experiments, also the ICTP-SAIFR in Brazil

02 Oct 2017

Stories of success at ICTP

ICTP associate wins prestigious prize

25 Sep 2017

Upcoming Colloquium September 27

Prof. Florian Marquardt to speak

21 Sep 2017

Supporting Sustainable Science

Islamic Development Bank visits ICTP

19 Sep 2017

Wireless Achievement

ICTP Researcher inducted into 2017 Internet Hall of Fame

14 Sep 2017

Stories of success at ICTP

Two ICTP-based scientists awarded prestigious ERC Starting Grants

07 Sep 2017

Welcome, Diploma Class of 2018

Ceremony begins an intense year

06 Sep 2017

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Marwan Najjar: Knowledge as Power

04 Sep 2017

In Memoriam

Narendra Kumar

04 Sep 2017

(Synchrotron) light shed on ancient fossils

A multidisciplinary study on the teeth of a prehistoric fetus, recently published in Scientific Reports

30 Aug 2017

Trieste Mini Maker Faire 4th edition

The official presentation of the event to the public

29 Aug 2017

Salam’s Spirit Lives On

Four awardees honored for dedication to Abdus Salam’s vision

28 Aug 2017

ICTP Diploma Graduates Class of 2017

Ceremony and Celebration

26 Aug 2017

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Mary Madelynn Nayga: Connecting Science and Math

25 Aug 2017

Happy Birthday SciFabLab!

ICTP's makers' space celebrates 3rd anniversary

24 Aug 2017

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Keith Magali: Modeling the Inside of the Earth

15 Aug 2017

Save the Dates

ICTP’s 2018 Scientific Calendar now online

11 Aug 2017

New Frontiers of Nano-Manipulation

Moving nano-objects without the slightest touch

10 Aug 2017

Mountain Meltdown

Winter heat waves endangering alpine glaciers

09 Aug 2017

ICTP's Dirac Medal in Numbers

Where do medallists come from; what are their fields of expertise?

08 Aug 2017

2017 ICTP Dirac Medallists Announced

Three share prize for building foundations of quantum information science

02 Aug 2017

ICTP Alumni Success

Two scientists honored for research excellence

02 Aug 2017

The Internet of Things Expands to Animals

Possibilites explored at ICTP workshop

20 Jul 2017

Colloquium Open to the Public

Joint ICTP-SISSA conference welcomes Nobel Laureate Linda Buck

19 Jul 2017

Upcoming Colloquium July 19

Claudio Bunster to speak today

18 Jul 2017

In Memoriam

Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani

11 Jul 2017

Trieste is the ESOF City of Science 2020

Pan-European conference coming to Trieste

10 Jul 2017

Climate Connections

Nature paper on unexpected Atlantic and Pacific link

04 Jul 2017

Call for Nominations

ICTP Prize 2017

30 Jun 2017

Ramanujan Prize Winner Announced

2017 award goes to Brazilian mathematician

30 Jun 2017

STEP Program Applications Open

Deadline August 15

29 Jun 2017

ICTP Alumni Among ICM Speakers

International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 Speakers Announced

28 Jun 2017

In Memoriam

Elias Burstein

27 Jun 2017

A Scientific Odyssey

To ICTP visitor, physics is a bridge between cultures

22 Jun 2017

Making Science The Star

ICTP alumnus success in science and science communication

14 Jun 2017

ICTP Footprints:

Mathematicians teaching in Senegal

07 Jun 2017

Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship 2017

Friendly Competition Draws Students from 16 Countries

24 May 2017

Colloquium 24 May

Mathematician Luis Caffarelli to speak

24 May 2017

Controlling the Kondo Cloud

Understanding odd electron behavior

24 May 2017

Study Physics in Trieste

PhD scholarships available; 19 June deadline

18 May 2017

From Dirac to Dreyfus

Michele Parrinello Wins Dreyfus Prize

17 May 2017

ICTP in Asia-Pacific

New agreement opens way for physics partner institute in China

17 May 2017

ICTP Footprints:

Karim Aoudia in Indonesia

16 May 2017

SESAME Center Inaugurated

ICTP Helps Celebrate Science for Peace

09 May 2017

ICTP Associate Honored

Meysam Nassiri Delivering Invited Lecture at ICM

09 May 2017

Upcoming Colloquium 16 May

Physicist Wojciech Zurek to speak on decoherence

21 Apr 2017

HECAP Section Hiring

High Energy, Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics Faculty Position Open

20 Apr 2017

Nomination Deadline 15 June

ICTP's 2017 Dirac Medal

13 Apr 2017

Simple Microswimmers Behaving Smartly

Reinforcement Learning Applied

11 Apr 2017

ICTP at Women in Science Week

UNESCO events honor star scientists

04 Apr 2017

Science for the People

Public input to research, open-access data: workshop highlights benefits of citizen science

22 Mar 2017

2016 Dirac Medallists Honored

Recorded ceremony now online

16 Mar 2017

“Not Science Fiction Anymore”

Yuval Gefen on Kelvin’s clouds and quantum computing

14 Mar 2017

In Memoriam

Ludvig Faddeev

09 Mar 2017

Call for Applications

Master in High Performance Computing

08 Mar 2017

Physics Without Frontiers Wants You

Program now accepting applications for 2017-2018

08 Mar 2017

Career Development: Inspiration and Advice

ICTP's Women in Physics Workshop 2017 applications open

07 Mar 2017

ICTP Colloquium 8 March

Featuring Gerhard Hummer, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics

06 Mar 2017

Researcher, Teacher, Mentor

Imrana Ashraf inspires scientists, young and older

28 Feb 2017

ICTP Colloquia This Week

Cumrun Vafa and Alain Connes featured speakers

28 Feb 2017

Second MHPC Class Graduates

High Performance Computing students receive Master's

23 Feb 2017

Google Grant

ICTP scientist wins prestigious research award from search engine giant

22 Feb 2017

ICTP Colloquium Online

Featuring Francesco Maggi

21 Feb 2017

Optics Award Announced

Indian recipient reflects passion for light and outreach

16 Feb 2017

Colloquium Now Online

Yuval Gefen addresses the quantum world

09 Feb 2017

Promoting Equality in Science

ICTP celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science

07 Feb 2017

Long Term Community Building

The Vision of ASESMA

06 Feb 2017

STEP Deadline 1 March

Apply now to enrich PhD studies through ICTP program

01 Feb 2017

Science with a Smile

In lectures and in person, Sir Michael Berry's wit and wisdom shine through

29 Jan 2017

Salam Spirit Awardees Announced

Four recipients honored for dedication to Abdus Salam’s vision

25 Jan 2017

Physics Without Frontiers in South America

Venezuela and Colombia host joint program

23 Jan 2017

Salam Lecture Series 2017

Sir Michael Berry at ICTP from 25 to 27 January

19 Jan 2017

Turning a New Page

ICTP offers hope to victim of refugee crisis

17 Jan 2017

On a Path to Success

ICTP alumna overcomes poverty, war to reach science goals

16 Jan 2017

ICTP Welcomes Future Medical Physicists

ICTP-UTrieste Masters Program Begins

16 Jan 2017

How Physics and Biology Meet

Quantitative Systems Biology School at ICTP

13 Jan 2017

Walter Kohn Prize Ceremony

Chinese physicist Yanming Ma honored

11 Jan 2017

A Promising Future

ICTP school inspires undergraduate student