16 Nov 2016

Deadline 1 February

2017 Ramanujan Prize nominations

10 Nov 2016

Happy World Science Day!

How ICTP contributes to science and sustainable development

07 Nov 2016

Celebrating Medical Physics

7 November is International Day of Medical Physics

04 Nov 2016

Celebrating Mathematics

4 November is Ramanujan Day at ICTP

28 Oct 2016

Postdoc, Visiting Opportunities at ICTP

Apply now for 2017

19 Oct 2016

Physics Without Frontiers Leads to ICTP

Diploma student reflects on educational journey

11 Oct 2016

ICTP Success

APS Awards to Senior Scientists

11 Oct 2016

Working Towards Gender Equity in Science

Oct. 12 Colloquium now watchable online

07 Oct 2016

Topology Explained

2016 Nobel Physics Prize puts focus on field of growing interest to researchers

07 Oct 2016

Water, Water Everywhere

ICTP researcher among team of scientists aimed at understanding the physical and chemical properties of water

06 Oct 2016

In Memoriam

Jean-Christophe Yoccoz

06 Oct 2016

ICTP Study Opportunities

Diploma, MSc programs now accepting applications

04 Oct 2016

Dirac Medalist wins Nobel Physics Prize

Duncan Haldane shares Nobel with two others for “revealing the secrets of exotic matter”

03 Oct 2016

Cutting-Edge Computing

ICTP workshop explores the interface of quantum mechanics and information processing

20 Sep 2016

Policy Makers Need Science

UN Scientific Advisory Board issues its final report

14 Sep 2016

TWAS Seeks New Executive Director

Deadline: 12 October

14 Sep 2016

Diploma Student Success

2016 graduates off on their next adventures

12 Sep 2016

Exploring Dark Matter

Today’s ICTP Colloquium to be livestreamed

09 Sep 2016

A Bright Beginning

ICTP welcomes new Diploma Programme students

09 Sep 2016

Nomination Deadline 30 November

Spirit of Abdus Salam Award

08 Sep 2016

Good Vibrations

ICTP study shows how mechanical vibrations, electromagnetic waves are coupled in modern nano devices

31 Aug 2016

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Yusuf Shaidu: Mathematics as the Language of Physics

30 Aug 2016

Spirit of Abdus Salam Remembered

The award recognized three long-term ICTP staff who have reflected Salam's vision and spirit

29 Aug 2016

Diploma Graduation Celebration

35 students receive ICTP Postgraduate Diploma

29 Aug 2016

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Ali Rida Khalife: Fundamental Ideas

26 Aug 2016

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Vahatra Rabodonandrianandraina: The Joy of Applied Mathematics

23 Aug 2016

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Janak Raj Joshi: From Nepal to Italy and beyond

18 Aug 2016

From Table to Top Science

ICTP hosts hands-on school for low-cost labs

17 Aug 2016

In Memoriam

Ahmed Zewail

12 Aug 2016

Science Excellence in South America

ICTP-South American Institute for Fundamental Research among Nature's Rising Stars

10 Aug 2016

New CMSP Publication

Fluctuations in dissipative phase transitions

09 Aug 2016

Deadline Approaching

ICTP Prize 2016 nominations

08 Aug 2016

2016 Dirac Medallists Announced

Three theoretical physicists share this year's prize

05 Aug 2016

Physics Honours

Ceremony for 2015 Dirac Medallists, and announcement of 2016 recipients, on 8 August

04 Aug 2016

Remembering Paolo Budinich

Trieste exhibit highlights life of ICTP co-founder

03 Aug 2016

Math Mates

ICTP mathematics outreach to developing countries

02 Aug 2016

How to Soar High

Virtual birds unveil the secrets of thermal soaring

29 Jul 2016

In Memoriam

Roberto Petronzio

29 Jul 2016

Black TiO2 to Exploit Sunlight

ICTP-published research could lead to improved photocatalytic applications

25 Jul 2016

"Light" Science in Asia

ICTP co-sponsors optics/photonics event in Pakistan

20 Jul 2016

ICTP's Expanding Universe

Partner institutes spread ICTP’s mission around the world

19 Jul 2016

In Memoriam

Giuseppe Furlan

19 Jul 2016

Clouds and Climate

Conference looks at cloud behavior to understand climate change

18 Jul 2016

Climate Perspectives

2015 ICTP Prize awardees discuss their work

18 Jul 2016

Science for Diplomacy

Course highlights importance of science in international relations

12 Jul 2016

Supporting the "Blue" Economy

ICTP hosts event on sustainable growth in Mediterranean, Black Sea countries

12 Jul 2016

ICTP Success

Recent honors for current and past researchers, students

11 Jul 2016

ICTP Climate Research in Nature Geoscience

ICTP-led analysis of regional climate model projections challenge global assumptions

08 Jul 2016

Wireless World Record

ICTP assists in new technology breakthrough for long-distance wireless broadband

07 Jul 2016

The International Beacon Satellite Symposium

Meeting highlights challenges, opportunities of satellite communication and navigation

05 Jul 2016

The Shape of Mathematics

Breakthrough Prize winner Ian Agol on knots and what to do with a million dollars

22 Jun 2016

In Memoriam

Thomas Kibble

22 Jun 2016

Ramanujan Prize Winner Announced

2016 award goes to Chinese mathematician

13 Jun 2016

Showcasing the Fun of Science

ICTP holds successful Mini Maker Faire and Trieste's first Science Picnic

13 Jun 2016

Landauer's Principle Tested

ICTP on team measuring heat at a quantum level

13 Jun 2016

Plate Strain Under Nepal

New research adds to understanding of the great Himalayan earthquakes

09 Jun 2016

Basic Science for a Better Future

Interview with Winston Wole Soboyejo

08 Jun 2016

OFID, ICTP Launch Fellowship Programme

OFID funding supports science in developing world

01 Jun 2016

Study Physics in Trieste

PhD scholarships available; 16 June deadline

31 May 2016

Ian Agol at Mathematics Colloquium 1 June

Talk will be livestreamed

26 May 2016

Bridge to a Bright Future

ICTP-Houston collaboration turns Diploma students into PhDs

25 May 2016

Science, cornerstone of sustainable development

Scientific Advisory Board of the UN Secretary-General meets in Trieste

12 May 2016

Earthquakes Elements

ICTP, Generali explain tremblors to local schoolchildren

12 May 2016

The Climate Change Challenge

Climatologist Brian Hoskins presents Salam Lectures 2016

03 May 2016

Livestream: Salam Distinguished Lecture Series

Lectures from 3 to 5 May to be available online

29 Apr 2016

The Mystery of the Misplaced Volcano

New Knowledge of Lithosphere Structure

27 Apr 2016

Deadline Today: ESP Postdoc Position

Research with ICTP's Earth System Physics group

27 Apr 2016

The Walter Kohn Prize

New Award Seeks Nominations

25 Apr 2016

Walter Kohn, 1923-2016

ICTP honours memory of scientist and friend

25 Apr 2016

Salam Distinguished Lecture Series

Climate expert is featured speaker for 3 to 5 May talks

22 Apr 2016

Hydrogen From Sunlight

Researchers one step closer to green energy alternative

14 Apr 2016

ICTP Scientist Co-Editor of New Science Journal

Open access publication to focus on climate, atmospheric sciences

12 Apr 2016

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Scientists learn business skills at ICTP entrepreneurial workshop

05 Apr 2016

Internet of Things

Challenges and potential at recent workshop

05 Apr 2016

IoT in Africa

ICTP workshop inspiration for new IoT Center of Excellence in Rwanda

01 Apr 2016

Call for Applications

Master in High Performance Computing

21 Mar 2016

Diploma Alumnus Success

Back to Africa for an impressive career launch

17 Mar 2016

A STEP in the Right Direction

Pakistani student benefits from ICTP PhD enrichment program

10 Mar 2016

Nomination Deadline 15 June

ICTP's 2016 Dirac Medal

01 Mar 2016

Welcome to the ICTP Multiverse

New blog offers fresh perspectives on science life

29 Feb 2016

Fun With Numbers

ICTP mathematicians treat young students to the magic of math

29 Feb 2016

Physics Diplomacy

ICTP and CERN's physics road show in Nepal

23 Feb 2016

Optics Award Announced

Two scientists share this year's ICO/ICTP prize

18 Feb 2016

Where Physical Chemistry Meets Biology

ICTP, Univ. Cambridge interdisciplinary research yields new insights into protein fluorescence

16 Feb 2016

Calendar Call-out

Deadline extended for 2017 Scientific Calendar proposals

11 Feb 2016

Gravitational Waves Detected

How ICTP’s Brazil center contributed to this grand discovery

10 Feb 2016

Supercomputing Event

Workshop, ceremony highlight high performance computing

10 Feb 2016

ICTP Success

Recent honors for ICTP staff and alumni

04 Feb 2016

ATLAS Update

What could new LHC data reveal?

03 Feb 2016

ICTP Physicist Awarded Einstein Medal

2016 prize goes to neutrino expert Alexei Smirnov

29 Jan 2016

Salam Spirit Awardees Announced

Three scientists honored by Salam family for their dedication to Salam’s vision

29 Jan 2016

How Well Do You Know Abdus Salam?

Online quiz honours ICTP founder's 90th birthday

28 Jan 2016

Quantum Computing

ICTP scientists on the potential and problems

13 Jan 2016

Weather Within Climate

ICTP school takes on challenges of seasonal forcasting