23 Nov 2015

Physics Tackles Cancer

ICTP research highlights surprising behavior of cancer cells

17 Nov 2015

ICTP Prize 2015 Announced

Two winners cited for climate science work

13 Nov 2015

ICTP in Nature, PlosOne

Multidisciplinary research unveils secrets of the past

12 Nov 2015

Modeling Marine Fundamentals

A Whole-Ecosystem Approach to Monitoring

03 Nov 2015

Postdoctoral Positions Available

Opportunities in ICTP's Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics section

03 Nov 2015

In Memoriam

Mario Tosi

29 Oct 2015

Seismic Support

Generali and ICTP team up to study risk from earthquakes

27 Oct 2015

Light for Humanity

ICTP to promote International Year of Light at the 2015 Genoa Science Festival

23 Oct 2015

Meet our New Scientists

Condensed Matter Physicist and Biophysicist join ICTP

21 Oct 2015

From Diploma to Doctorate

Five Diploma alumni receive joint ICTP/SISSA PhDs

19 Oct 2015

A Balanced Approach

ICTP workshop teaches career skills for women in physics

09 Oct 2015

Women in Physics

ICTP workshop prepares women for science success

07 Oct 2015

In Memoriam

Guido Altarelli, a giant of High Energy Physics

06 Oct 2015

ICTP and the Nobel Neutrino

ICTP research links to 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics

05 Oct 2015

Computational Condensed Matter Physics

Recent school highlights classic and modern methods

01 Oct 2015

Mathematics Opportunities at ICTP

Visiting and postdoctoral fellowships available

24 Sep 2015

Double Recognition for ICTP Scientist

Italian and American Physical Societies honour Joseph Niemela

23 Sep 2015

ICTP at TriesteNext

Weekend event brings science to the public

22 Sep 2015

Postdoctoral Positions Available

Opportunities in earthquake studies

18 Sep 2015

Modelling Molecules

Michele Parrinello, computational physics pioneer, lectures at ICTP

16 Sep 2015

They're Here!

ICTP welcomes incoming Postgraduate Diploma students

08 Sep 2015

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Rodrigo de Leon Ardon: In harmony with physics and music

07 Sep 2015

Re-live Ramanujan Prize Ceremony

Photos, videos available on ICTP social media

04 Sep 2015

In Memoriam

Yoichiro Nambu

02 Sep 2015

Ramanujan Prize Interview and Ceremony

Prize recipient Amalendu Krishna discusses mathematics in India; Ceremony 3 September

31 Aug 2015

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Sarah Oliva: For the Love of Lava

24 Aug 2015

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Deepak Karki: A Light for Science in Nepal

19 Aug 2015

Thinking Small

ICTP Prize 2014 recipient pushes the boundaries of computer miniaturization

18 Aug 2015

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Alaa Elshorbagy: A passion for mathematics

17 Aug 2015

Academically Accomplished

34 students receive ICTP Postgraduate Diploma

17 Aug 2015

Spirit of Abdus Salam Remembered

Ceremony recognizes four who have kept vision alive

11 Aug 2015

Happy Birthday SciFabLab!

Maker space invites public to Open Day anniversary celebration

11 Aug 2015

Italy Honours Earthquake Scientist

Order of Merit Knighthood for Giuliano Panza

10 Aug 2015

How to Build a 3D Printer

ICTP workshop with Commune of Trieste teaches the nuts and bolts of 3D printing

08 Aug 2015

ICTP announces 2015 Dirac Medallists

Three theorists win for condensed matter research

05 Aug 2015

Benefactor Visits ICTP

Philanthropists James and Marilyn Simons make surprise visit to Centre

03 Aug 2015

ICTP Prize 2015: Call for Nominations

Deadline is 30 September 2015

03 Aug 2015

2015 Ramanujan Prize Announced

Indian mathematician honoured for work in algebraic K-theory

31 Jul 2015

ICTP in Nature Geoscience

Journal highlights recent earthquake workshop in Nepal

30 Jun 2015

Study Physics in Trieste

PhD scholarships available; 30 July deadline

25 Jun 2015

Call for Applications

PhD in Earth Science and Fluid Mechanics

17 Jun 2015

Teatime with IoT

ICTP takes the Internet of Things to Rwanda

16 Jun 2015

ICTP in Nepal

Recent earthquake focus of international workshop

12 Jun 2015

New Fellowships Available

ICTP, OFID announce support programme for developing world scientists

12 Jun 2015

Geometry in Noise

Detecting geometric phases through noise measurements in nano-structures

11 Jun 2015

ICTP at Italian Parliament

Event puts spotlight on Italian-funded international research centres

10 Jun 2015

A Matter of (in)Breeding

Statistical physicists solve historic genetics problem

03 Jun 2015

Physics for the Future

CERN's LHC begins new run with higher collision energy

29 May 2015

Neuroscience Honours

Prestigious Award for ICTP Associate

29 May 2015

In Memoriam

Daniel Akyeampong

25 May 2015

Allergy Invasion

ICTP co-authors on Nature Climate Change pollen study

25 May 2015

In Memoriam

John Nash

12 May 2015

In Memoriam

Sir Samuel Frederick Edwards FRS, 1928-2015

11 May 2015

Trieste Mini Maker Faire a Mega Success

Over 16,000 visitors flock to the two-day Maker event held at ICTP

06 May 2015

Countdown to Trieste Mini Maker Faire

Free, public event at ICTP 9 and 10 May

05 May 2015

Arcane Connections

Condensed matter research uniting two fields published in Nature Communications

28 Apr 2015

Outreach Success

ICTP postdoc Kate Shaw's physics roadshow awarded prize

13 Apr 2015

Faculty Recruitment at ICTP

New position available in Quantitative Life Sciences section

26 Mar 2015

A Guiding Light for African Science

Ghanaian Francis Allotey featured on CNN

26 Mar 2015

Rewarding Mathematics

John F. Nash Jr. and Louis Nirenberg share the Abel Prize

17 Mar 2015

Trieste Origins Unearthed

Team led by ICTP researchers discovers archaeological site most likely to be 2nd century BC Trieste

13 Mar 2015

TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize Nominations

The 2015 prize to reccognise mathematicians

11 Mar 2015

The Future is Smart

ICTP workshop to highlight immense potential of Internet of Things for science and development

09 Mar 2015

For Better Science Communication

ICTP, Trieste institutes offer masterclasses in science communication

06 Mar 2015

High-Tech Opportunity

Apply to ICTP/SISSA Master in High Performance Computing programme

05 Mar 2015

Beating Gender Bias

Nature article profiles three leading women researchers with ties to ICTP

25 Feb 2015

No Sneezing Matter

Changing environment is increasing ragweed pollen concentrations and allergy cases in Europe

19 Feb 2015

Optics Honours

Two optics researchers share the 2015 ICO/ICTP Gallieno Denardo Prize

17 Feb 2015

Profiles - Simons Associates

Six Simons Associates share their thoughts on ICTP's associateship scheme and how it helps their research careers

13 Feb 2015

Dark Side of the Galactic Centre

New paper by ICTP-SAIFR researcher suggests that Milky Way core is rich in dark matter

12 Feb 2015

Calling All Makers!

ICTP set to host 2nd edition Trieste Mini Maker Faire

12 Feb 2015

ICTP Welcomes New Research Staff

Atish Dabholkar and Sergei Dubovsky join ICTP's HECAP section

10 Feb 2015

Honours for Women Scientists

ICTP Junior Associates are among recipients of Elsevier Foundation Awards

06 Feb 2015

Revisit the 2015 Salam Lecture Series

Don Zagier's talks now online for viewing and download

05 Feb 2015

ICTP Associate Wins Top African Science Honours

Kofané Timoléon Crépin awarded African Union Kwame Nkrumah Prize

04 Feb 2015

Cosmic Deflation

Latest observations find no conclusive evidence of gravitational waves

02 Feb 2015

Strengthening Science Education

ICTP's Physware workshop teaches the teachers

29 Jan 2015

Spirit of Abdus Salam Award Recipients Announced

Four scientists reflecting Salam's passion and vision share 2015 award

28 Jan 2015

Next-Generation Physicists

ICTP presents cutting-edge science to Trieste high school students

26 Jan 2015

Watch the 2015 Salam Lecture Series Live

Mathematician Don Zagier presents "The Magic of Modular Forms"

20 Jan 2015

Let There Be Light

International Year of Light Shines in Paris Opening Ceremony

19 Jan 2015

A Director’s Take

Scope of ICTP's reach deeply impresses filmmaker

13 Jan 2015

Salam Distinguished Lecture Series 2015

Mathematician Don Zagier to present this year's lectures