29 Oct 2014

Strings Untangled

The 2014 Dirac Medallists discuss string theory and how it has grown over the years

29 Oct 2014

Worm Burrows and Dinosaur Footprints

Quantitative Life Sciences seminar highlights ancient history

28 Oct 2014

An International Mathematician for ICTP

Don Zagier joins Centre as Distinguished Staff Associate

28 Oct 2014

Study Opportunities at ICTP

Applications now being accepted for ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme

24 Oct 2014

Climatic Synergies

ICTP and WMO sign a memorandum of understanding

23 Oct 2014

SAND Honors

ICTP scientist and research group receive honorary medal from Egypt

23 Oct 2014

In Memoriam

Tullio Regge, Italian physicist and Dirac Medallist

23 Oct 2014

How the (Moth) Nose Knows

ICTP Researcher Maps a Pheromone Landscape

22 Oct 2014

Shaking up the Foundations

ICTP Organises School on Megathrust Earthquakes and Tsunamis

21 Oct 2014

Digital Impressions

How to find news, photos and videos from ICTP's 50th anniversary event

21 Oct 2014

The Start of an Educational Journey

ICTP welcomes new class of Postgraduate Diploma students

21 Oct 2014

LMFDB: A social network for mathematics

Advanced school and workshop on L-functions and modular forms database held at ICTP

20 Oct 2014

A Tribute to Italian Innovation

ICTP Hosts Olivetti Engineers

15 Oct 2014

Underlining the Underlying Math

Cédric Villani talks about the importance of mathematics

10 Oct 2014

String Theorists Honoured at ICTP

Three physicists who have made important contributions to string theory awarded 2014 Dirac Medal

10 Oct 2014

ICTP Conferred Honorary Citizenship of Trieste

The recognition marks the 50th anniversary of the Centre

09 Oct 2014

Shedding Light on Optics

ICTP 50th Anniversary Roundtable Gathers Optics Luminaries

09 Oct 2014

Gender and Science

Panels explore women's experiences around the world

09 Oct 2014

Sunny-side Up

Focus on solar energy and solar cells

08 Oct 2014

Boosting Science in Africa

ICTP in partnership to offer Rwanda's first master's in physics

08 Oct 2014

A Summary of Day 2 from ICTP 50

Leading Climate Experts Share their Perspectives at Day 2 of ICTP 50th Anniversary Celebrations

08 Oct 2014

Climate and Quake Complications

Lectures explore limitations of disaster prediction

07 Oct 2014

ICTP, Serving Climate and the World

IPCC and WMO luminaries share their perspectives

06 Oct 2014

Spirit of Abdus Salam Award

Recognition of dedication to Abdus Salam's passion and vision

06 Oct 2014

ICTP Celebrates 50 Years of Success

Inauguration of 50th anniversary events includes messages from UN leaders, other dignitaries

03 Oct 2014

Public Lecture by Carlo Rubbia

Tuesday 7 October, at 18:30

02 Oct 2014

50th Festivities

Nobels, ministers, princes and presidents to attend ICTP anniversary celebrations

02 Oct 2014

Official Programme for 50th Celebrations

50 Years of Science for the Future, 6-9 October 2014

30 Sep 2014

ICTP Website has a New Look!

We invite you to browse through the brand new layout

26 Sep 2014

Local Honours for ICTP Scientist

GianCarlo Ghirardi given Sigillo della Provincia di Trieste

16 Sep 2014

High-Performance Computing at ICTP

New, high-end facility opens 24 September

10 Sep 2014

Mark Your Calendars

Stage set for ICTP's 50th Anniversary Celebrations

09 Sep 2014

Supporting Budding Talent

Nominations Open for 2015 Elsevier Foundation Awards in Physics and Mathematics

02 Sep 2014

A Matter of Equilibrium

Holweck Prize recognizes ICTP condensed matter scientist

28 Aug 2014

Ultra-efficient Quantum Engines

ICTP researcher demonstrates powerful atomic engines without friction

27 Aug 2014

Dirac Ceremony Lectures

The 2013 Dirac Medal ceremony was held on 8 August 2014. The ceremony included lectures by the Medallists Thomas Kibble, Phillip James Peebles, and Martin John Rees. Kibble lectured on "Symmetry Breaking and Defects in Physics and Cosmology", Peebles on "How Cosmology became Established Physics" and Rees on "Our Unive...

25 Aug 2014

A Longstanding Collaboration

The collaboration between ICTP and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to build sound nuclear knowledge foundations has been a long and sustainable one. This year will mark the 10th edition of the Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) School, which will run from 25 August to 29 August 2014 at ICTP. The one-week ...

20 Aug 2014

Lauds and Laurels

ICTP Postgraduate Diplomas awarded to the class of 2013-2014

19 Aug 2014

Shaping Research Careers

Postgraduate diploma student to pursue PhD at top university

18 Aug 2014

State Honours for ICTP Collaborator

Croatian Award recognises work in climate research

18 Aug 2014

Postgraduate Diploma Award Ceremony

Students from the class of 2013-2014 to receive diplomas

12 Aug 2014

Honouring Pioneers in Physics

2013 Dirac Medal ceremony recognises key contributors to cosmology, astrophysics and fundamental physics

08 Aug 2014

ICTP Announces 2014 Dirac Medallists

Winners have made important contributions to string theory

06 Aug 2014

Fabricating the Future

ICTP's new SciFabLab invites project proposals

01 Aug 2014

Computing Chaos

Mathematicians Meet at ICTP School on Computation and Computability in Dynamics

31 Jul 2014

Extreme Collaboration

First WCRP-ICTP School Studies Weather Event Prediction

30 Jul 2014

ICTP Conferred Honorary Citizenship of Trieste

The recognition marks the 50th anniversary of the Centre

29 Jul 2014

Connections Beyond Equilibrium

ICTP Summer School Explores Non-Equilibrium Dynamics

29 Jul 2014

"If I dream it, I can find it here"

Azza Ahmed Talab, ICTP, and the making of an Egyptian plasma physicist

14 Jul 2014

A Hands-On Future

ICTP Hosts Table-Top Experiments and Career Training for Young Researchers

10 Jul 2014

Diploma Foundations

ICTP Diploma alum awarded prestigious fellowship

08 Jul 2014

Hidden Magnetism

ICTP and SISSA scientists suggest a new phase of oxygen

07 Jul 2014

High-Tech Teeth

ICTP research fills in a dental gap in human history

07 Jul 2014

Stringy Matters

Top scientists gathered at ICTP for String Phenomenology 2014

03 Jul 2014

Cellular Economics

ICTP Workshop Applies Physics Thinking to Biology

02 Jul 2014

Predictability in the Midst of Chaos

ICTP's TTA Program Celebrates A Decade of Success

01 Jul 2014

Forgetful Fish

ICTP model suggests one reason for Atlantic bluefin tuna decline

24 Jun 2014

2014 Ramanujan Prize Announced

Argentinian mathematician Miguel Walsh is the recipient

24 Jun 2014

In Memoriam: Bruno Zumino

28 April 1923 to 22 June 2014

23 Jun 2014

In Memoriam: Jorge Lewowicz


20 Jun 2014

Honours for Dirac Medallist

Edward Witten Awarded the 2014 Kyoto Prize

17 Jun 2014

Creating Certainty about Uncertainty

Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop Unites Medical Radiation Scientists from Many Disciplines

12 Jun 2014

Making Fuel from the Sun

Lighting (and Igniting) the Way to a Renewable Future

09 Jun 2014

Northern Italy's First Neanderthal?

ICTP Researchers Contribute to Study of Skull Bone

03 Jun 2014

Mathematical Foundations in Pakistan

School named after ICTP founder provides a stimulating environment for budding mathematicians

30 May 2014

Nominations Sought for ICTP's Dirac Medal

Deadline is 15 June 2014

29 May 2014

Kavli Prize 2014 Announced

ICTP Dirac Medallists among winners

27 May 2014

Spotlight on Quantum Modeling

ICTP supports prize to recognise fresh talent in quantum modeling

19 May 2014

Maker Faire Success

Hundreds of makers showcase their creations at ICTP

18 May 2014

The Texas Connection

Diploma alumni excelling in Lone Star State

15 May 2014

ICTP Awarded Premio Barcola

Prestigious local prize honours ICTP's 50 years of science

08 May 2014

In Good Company

ICTP alumni listed among the top Latin American scientists under 40

07 May 2014

Showcasing Invention, Creativity and Resourcefulness

Trieste Mini Maker Faire at ICTP 17 May

28 Apr 2014

A Safe Nuclear Culture

IAEA-ICTP School on Nuclear Security begins

22 Apr 2014

50 Years of ICTP

Remembering through reading

17 Apr 2014

On Curves and Planes

Göttsche to give Bernoulli lecture on Tropical Geometry at EPFL

17 Apr 2014

Diploma Success

Postgraduate diploma student accepted for PhD at top university

14 Apr 2014

ICTP in West Africa

International publication highlights climate workshop, STEP student

10 Apr 2014

Update: International Year of Light

Patron sponsor for ICTP-coordinated event

07 Apr 2014

From Job-seekers to Job-creators

Workshop imparts entrepreneurship skills to physicists and engineers from developing countries

03 Apr 2014

How to Make (Almost) Anything

ICTP 3D Printing Lab evolving into a "FabLab"

03 Apr 2014

High-Tech Master's Seeks Students

Applications now being accepted for Master in High Performance Computing

31 Mar 2014

Call for Nominations: 2014 TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize

The 2014 Prize is for researchers from the field of biological sciences.

28 Mar 2014

Alternating Currents

Local school performance at ICTP highlights brilliant mind of Nikola Tesla

28 Mar 2014

Update: Training courses in HPC at SISSA/ICTP

Free trial courses open to all

27 Mar 2014

Math Visiting Fellowships: Selection update

Visiting Fellowships for outstanding mathematicians from developing countries starting September 2014.?? The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) invites applications for a small number of visiting fellowships for outstanding mathematicians from developing countries.?? Visiting Fe...

27 Mar 2014

Dirac Medallist Yakov Sinai awarded the 2014 Abel Prize

Sinai's work crucial in connecting dynamical and probabilistic systems

27 Mar 2014

Math Postdoctoral Fellowships: Selection update

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) seeks applications for postdoctoral positions from outstanding young mathematicians of any nationality; women are particularly encouraged to apply. Postdoctoral Fellowships are intended for young mathematicians with a strong research record. Fellows m...

24 Mar 2014

Honours for ICTP Alumnus

Former Mathematics Diploma student receives prestigious grant

20 Mar 2014

ICTP Prize 2014: Call for Nominations

Nomination deadline is 30 September 2014

18 Mar 2014

A Clear Sign from the Very Beginning of Time

Research team releases what could be the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation

11 Mar 2014

Beetles on the Move

Cave-dwelling carabids react to climate change

10 Mar 2014

A Class Water Act

ICTP scientist grabs second prize at FameLab 2014

03 Mar 2014

A Beacon of Science for Tunisia

ICTP Associate honoured by international optics society

27 Feb 2014

Luciano Maiani wins the Bruno Pontecorvo Prize

Award recognises contributions to elementary particle physics

27 Feb 2014

A Celebration of Light

ICTP to coordinate UN International Year of Light

19 Feb 2014

Optics Award Announced

Two Latin American scientists share this year's ICO/ICTP prize

17 Feb 2014

Accessible Science

ICTP promotes m-Science and science dissemination for people with disabilities

07 Feb 2014

Call for Proposals, ICTP Scientific Calendar Activities 2015

Deadline is 15 February 2014

05 Feb 2014

ICTP Prize Winner's Paper Among Nature's Best in 2013

Research gives insight into the basic units of speech

05 Feb 2014

New, Joint Master's at ICTP

Degree in Medical Physics attracts students from around the world

04 Feb 2014

Training courses in HPC at SISSA/ICTP

Free trial courses open to all

04 Feb 2014

Malaria on the Rise

Impact models predict regional increases in disease risks

03 Feb 2014

In Conversation With Subir Sachdev

The 2014 Salam Distinguished speaker talks about quantum physics, string theory and what got him interested in condensed matter physics

30 Jan 2014

Spirit of Abdus Salam Award Recipients Announced

Three long-time ICTP staff share recognition

29 Jan 2014

Safer Skies for Africa

ICTP's safety training programme builds expertise for African aviation

27 Jan 2014

Live Stream of the 2014 Salam Lecture Series

Subir Sachdev to talk about "Theory of Quantum Matter: from Quantum Fields to Strings"

13 Jan 2014

Quantum Connections

Condensed matter physicist Subir Sachdev to deliver Salam Distinguished Lectures 2014