21 Nov 2013

Mathematics Research Fellowships at ICTP starting September 2014

Fellowships for outstanding mathematicians from developing countries

18 Nov 2013

Call for Nominations

2014 Ramanujan Prize

15 Nov 2013

In Memoriam

ICTP co-founder Paolo Budinich

11 Nov 2013

2013 ICTP Prize Recipients Announced

This year's prize honours neutrino, energy research

07 Nov 2013

Theoretical Physics Honoured

ICTP Diploma Programme alumnus, Dirac Medallists among this year's Fundamental Physics Foundation laureates

22 Oct 2013

Filling Up Frequencies

ICTP team deploys white-space technology antennas in Malawi

22 Oct 2013

In Memoriam: Markus Büttiker

18 July 1950 - 4 October 2013

21 Oct 2013

In Memoriam: Professor Vladimir Keilis-Borok

31 July 1921 - 19 October 2013

16 Oct 2013

TRIL Turns Thirty

Started in 1983, TRIL ensures that researchers from developing countries are exposed to cutting-edge science

16 Oct 2013

Postdoctoral Positions in Theoretical High Energy Physics

Academic Years 2014 - 2016

14 Oct 2013

The Spirit of Abdus Salam Award

The Award consists of a certificate and a cash amount of Euro 1,000

14 Oct 2013

Training courses in HPC at SISSA/ICTP

The test-run course offered this academic year will be free

10 Oct 2013

First Impressions

ICTP recently welcomed this year's talented Postgraduate Diploma Programme students. Here are their first impressions

08 Oct 2013

2013 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Peter Higgs and François Englert

The Prize recognizes their independent work on the theory of how particles acquire mass

07 Oct 2013

Prestigious Award for Former ICTP Postdoctoral Fellow

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India, honours high energy physicist Amol Dighe

04 Oct 2013

Changing Pedagogy Through MOOC

ICTP activity gives an insight into massive open online courses (MOOC) and other online education platforms

02 Oct 2013

Postdoctoral and Visiting Opportunities at ICTP

ICTP's Condensed Matter Statistical Physics Section announces positions for 2014-2015

26 Sep 2013

CORDEX Workshop

Scientists from around the world come together to brainstorm on climate change

25 Sep 2013

Science for the Masses

ICTP among Trieste research institutes at public science events this weekend

24 Sep 2013

Italian Physical Society Meets in Trieste

Several ICTP scientists actively involved in this year's Congress

24 Sep 2013

Dealing with Sickle Cell Disease

ICTP Senior Associate discusses his advances toward treating SCD

23 Sep 2013

Deep into teeth

ICTP postdoctoral paleoanthropologist Clément Zanolli peers underneath the enamel of fossilized teeth.

23 Sep 2013

A Virtual Web of Knowledge

ICTP's online Diploma lectures enjoying international success

18 Sep 2013

Bruno Pontecorvo film debuts this month

ICTP helps fund production of documentary on physicist's legacy

17 Sep 2013

Promoting Education in Nigeria

ICTP participates in science and engineering fair hosted at the University of Nigeria

16 Sep 2013

Expanding the InSAR Community

ICTP hosts conference to build InSAR community of scientists in developing countries

16 Sep 2013

You could be a Mathematician

How Helen Quinn overcame 1950s social mores to achieve scientific success

16 Sep 2013

The Galvanizer

ICTP Associate Meral Tosun urges female scientists to stand strong through career challenges

13 Sep 2013

Connect for Success

ICTP hosts Career Development Workshop for Women in Physics

13 Sep 2013

Overcoming the Odds

ICTP associate and physics professor Zohra Ben Lakhdar shares her thoughts on being a woman in a male-dominated field

13 Sep 2013

Gaining Direction

Astrophysicist Nana Shatashvili shares her trials and triumphs in science in the face of political change in Georgia

12 Sep 2013

In Memoriam

Riazuddin, 1930 - 2013

10 Sep 2013

Taking the Quantum Challenge

ICTP hosts colloquium Quantum Control of Electromagnetic and Mechanical Resonators

06 Sep 2013

Dinosaur Diversity

ICTP aids Spanish scientists in their endeavor to classify the many dinosaur species

05 Sep 2013

A Celebration of Mathematics

From theory to applications, ICTP showcases eloquent equations

03 Sep 2013

SUSY Success

ICTP hosts 21st annual SUSY conference

02 Sep 2013

Density-Functional Theory at ICTP

Workshop highlights "first-principles" electronic-structure theory

02 Sep 2013

Promoting Math through the Ages

ICTP supports first Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship

02 Sep 2013

Data Day at ICTP

Event to look at supercomputing solutions for research needs

02 Sep 2013

Earth's Equations

ICTP hosts the 5th Women in Mathematic Summer School

01 Sep 2013

Meet Some of the 2013 Diploma Graduates

ICTP's newest graduates share their experiences

31 Aug 2013

The Way Ahead for Supersymmetry

Plenary speakers outline the next steps in the search for supersymmetry

31 Aug 2013

The Case for B Mesons

Observations indicate intriguing results on B mesons

30 Aug 2013

Planck and Beyond

Getting a clearer picture of our universe

29 Aug 2013


ATLAS and CMS representatives share their results with SUSY attendees

29 Aug 2013

WIMPs: Masters of Elusion

Tracking down the elusive dark matter

28 Aug 2013

The Abundance of Nothing

Savas Dimopoulos looks at naturalness at SUSY 2013

28 Aug 2013

What Higgs holds for beyond the Standard Model

The beginning of a new chapter in physics

27 Aug 2013

Experimentalists Take the SUSY Stage

Sridhara Dasu presents the latest results from the CMS experiment

26 Aug 2013

Bringing Physics to your Desktop

Recorded streaming of SUSY 2013 available

26 Aug 2013

The Search for Dark Matter

Stefano Profumo opens SUSY 2013 with a look at dark matter clues

26 Aug 2013

A New Era in Astronomy

Plenary talk focusses on high precision set-up for gravitational wave detection

26 Aug 2013

SUSY 2013 Commences

Annual event shares long history with ICTP

23 Aug 2013

Quantum Bits for a New Quantum Age

Alain Aspect's colloquium looks at how entanglement may usher in a new quantum age

19 Aug 2013

Making the Grade

35 young scholars receive ICTP Postgraduate Diplomas

16 Aug 2013

Stage Set for the 2013 Supersymmetry Conference

Public lecture and plenary talks to feature leaders in the field

15 Aug 2013

Building Sound Nuclear Programmes

ICTP-IAEA joint schools provide training on different aspects of nuclear manageme

15 Aug 2013

ICTP and Armenia: Partners in Science

New agreement promotes scientific capacity building

12 Aug 2013

TREGA in Action

ICTP helps to improve the aviation sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

09 Aug 2013

Roy Glauber: A Peek at the Manhattan Project and Beyond

On July 31, ICTP was proud to host, for the second time, Nobel laureate and speaker Roy Glauber

08 Aug 2013

Kibble, Peebles and Rees Share the 2013 Dirac Medal

Three physicists honoured for ground-breaking work

07 Aug 2013

Building Sound Nuclear Programmes

ICTP-IAEA joint schools provide training on different aspects of nuclear management

06 Aug 2013

ICTP Announces 2014 Scientific Calendar

Annual offering of conferences, workshops and schools now online

02 Aug 2013

3D by the Sea

Trieste event highlights ICTP's 3D Printing Lab

30 Jul 2013

Nobel Laureate at ICTP

Roy Glauber to give public lecture

30 Jul 2013

Honours for Long-time ICTP Scientific Consultants

GianCarlo Ghirardi, Giuseppe Mussardo recognised by Italian Physical Society

26 Jul 2013

ICTP in High-Level Talks with Rwanda

ICTP Director, Rwanda Prime Minister discuss possible regional science centre for Africa

22 Jul 2013

Colloquium at Cosmology School

Andreas Albrecht to talk at ICTP's Colloquium Series

18 Jul 2013

Making the African Skies Safer

Joint EC-ICTP project to train African air navigation professionals

18 Jul 2013

A Platform for Courses Online

ICTP's DxD.tv offers recorded videos of educational material from around the world

11 Jul 2013

Big Ideas for Small Science

ICTP-sponsored hands-on activity introduces tabletop experiments to participants

10 Jul 2013

Multi-pronged Approach to Identifying Hotspots

ICTP scientist contributes to recent paper that discusses climate impact using mutimodel ensembles

08 Jul 2013

Making Sense of Turbulence

ICTP Prize winner talks about "The Role of Helicity in Turbulent Flows"

04 Jul 2013

A Triumph for Theoretical Physics

Medallists recognise Dirac's undeniable influence in the development of topological insulator theories

01 Jul 2013

In Memoriam

Margherita Hack: 1922 to 2013

27 Jun 2013

Destination: Algeria

Physics without Frontiers masterclasses target Northern Africa

18 Jun 2013

Graduate Honours

Diploma Alumna Earns Top UK PhD Award

17 Jun 2013

2013 Ramanujan Prize Announced

Award goes to Chinese mathematician

10 Jun 2013

ICTP Announces 3D Printing Contest Winners

Local teens lauded for innovative designs

06 Jun 2013

ICTP Prize 2013: Call for Nominations

Deadline to nominate candidates is 30 September 2013

23 May 2013

Supersymmetry at ICTP

Centre to host major high energy physics conference

23 May 2013

Position Open for Senior Research Scientist

Incumbent will work with the High Energy Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics section.

23 May 2013

In Memoriam

Heinrich Rohrer, 1933 - 2013

16 May 2013

Supporting Science in the Balkans

ICTP Director and scientists lecture at Balkan Workshop

13 May 2013

3D Printing at ICTP

Cutting-edge technology opens new dimensions to science education, sustainable development

29 Apr 2013

A Guide to the Third Dimension

ICTP scientists publish free downloadable book on low-cost 3D printing

26 Apr 2013

From Research to Political Activism and Back

ICTP visitor talks about the detour in his research career

24 Apr 2013

Call for nominations: Prize for Physics or Astronomy

New prize funded by TWAS targets scientists from developing countries

15 Apr 2013

Modelling Climate and Health

ICTP schools supported by World Meteorological Organization offer advanced modelling techniques

11 Apr 2013

ICTP Seeks Faculty

New position in quantitative biology starts 1 October

08 Apr 2013

Promoting 'nuclear security culture' in the Developing World

ICTP, IAEA hold 3rd school on nuclear security

08 Apr 2013

Spotlight on ICTP Science

Earth system physics, astrobiology research presented at international science forum

08 Apr 2013

Deadline Approaching, Joint Laurea Magistralis Programme

Applications should be sent in before 30 April 2013

04 Apr 2013

2012 Fundamental Physics Prize Winner Lectures at ICTP

Juan Martin Maldacena discusses black holes, gauge theories, string theory and gravity

27 Mar 2013

Picture-perfect Planck Data Reveals a Conventional Universe

ICTP scientist discusses implications of latest Planck results

26 Mar 2013

ICTP Public Event Highlights International Cooperation

Science lectures showcase Italian-Hungarian cultural exchange

25 Mar 2013

A Boost for Arab Science

ICTP, KFAS agree to renewed support for scientists from the Arab world

22 Mar 2013

Latest Results Related to the Higgs Explained

July 2012 results about 'the Higgs-like particle' reconfirmed

21 Mar 2013

Alexander Polyakov Awarded 2013 Fundamental Physics Prize

His contributions to field theory and string theory have dominated the fields

20 Mar 2013

2012 ICTP Prize Awarded to Argentinean Physicist Pablo Mininni

Research on turbulence theory and applications honoured

11 Mar 2013

Boosting Scientific Education In Nigeria

ICTP and UNESCO to organise a scientific education week

01 Mar 2013

The Importance of Soil

Celebrating three decades, ICTP college highlights soil's key role in the Earth system

28 Feb 2013

ICTP Opens 3D Printing Lab

Cutting-edge technology opens new dimensions to science education

21 Feb 2013

An Incubator of Theoretical Physics

Article in major Italian daily newspaper praises ICTP

19 Feb 2013

Seeing the Big Picture on Climate Change and Variability

Intermediate complexity models can keep things simple and provide robust results

15 Feb 2013

Theoretical Physicist Joins ICTP

Giovanni Villadoro is newest member of the High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics section

12 Feb 2013

Towards Gender Equality in Physics

Shobhana Narasimhan talks to Physics World about challenges of being a woman physicist

12 Feb 2013

Optics Award Announced

Saudi Arabian scientist wins this year's ICO/ICTP prize

08 Feb 2013

Condensed Matter Research Published

Article explores dynamics of Kondo effect in nano-electromechanics

06 Feb 2013

ICTP Documentary Available Online

Watch ICTP African training in action

05 Feb 2013

In Conversation with William Bialek

Physicists looking at the interface between physics and biology

04 Feb 2013

Salam Lecture Series 2013

A boost to ICTP's new research areas

31 Jan 2013

ICTP and Mobile Learning

New, free iPhone app compiles images, audio into instant video-like product

29 Jan 2013

In Memoriam

Padma Kant Shukla, 1950 to 2013

25 Jan 2013

Salam Lecture Series 2013 to be Streamed Live

William Bialek to talk about "The physics of life"

21 Jan 2013

Physics Uncovering the Past

'Digital excavation' imaging techniques provide surprising archeological discovery

17 Jan 2013

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17 Jan 2013

ICTP Research on the Big Screen

Documentary highlights low-cost technology activities in Africa

09 Jan 2013

Former ICTP Scientific Council Member Honoured on 80th Birthday

Victor Latorre has been a pioneer of physics in Latin America

08 Jan 2013

ICTP Announces Salam Lecture Series 2013

Renowned theoretical biophysicist William Bialek to speak

07 Jan 2013

ICTP Visitor to Receive Prestigious Award

India to recognise Padma Kant Shukla's contribution to physics