27 Nov 2012

Weekly Meetings on Role of HPC

This week: How to access C/C++ from Fortran and the other way around

27 Nov 2012

The Cloud Readers

Newly published ICTP research targets uncertainty of satellite precipitation data

19 Nov 2012

African Success Stories

Two former ICTP Associates earn high-level appointments

14 Nov 2012

Collision Course

ICTP seismology workshop in Nepal focuses on Himalayan hazards

13 Nov 2012

Weekly Meetings on Role of HPC

This week: Fighting errors

12 Nov 2012

In Memoriam...

David Olive, 1937 - 2012

09 Nov 2012

World Science Day for Peace and Development

Science for global sustainability

09 Nov 2012

Mathematics Postdoc Fellowships Available

Positions start September 2013

05 Nov 2012

Weekly Meetings on Role of HPC

This week: HIgh Performance Computing for Science

05 Nov 2012

The HPC Appointment

ICTS is organizing a series of weekly meetings with focus on High Performance Computing (HPC) and parallel programming. The idea is to combine basic topics and their possible applications in the main scientific areas of interest for the ICTP Community. Alternating, HPC specialists from the ICT Section will pres...

31 Oct 2012

Call for Nominations

The Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians from Developing Countries

30 Oct 2012

Five Women Scientists Honoured

The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science award announced

24 Oct 2012

3-D Science

New printing technology provides exciting opportunities for research

23 Oct 2012

Quality Control

Laurens Molenkamp talks about his role as Editor of Physical Review B

22 Oct 2012

Supporting Science in the South

Mexican doctoral student visits ICTP to complete work on future climate scenarios

18 Oct 2012

An Ordinary Matter

ICTP hosts joint activity on plasma physics

16 Oct 2012

Bringing Technology to the Classroom

ICTP OpenEyA users from around the world give the recording system high marks

15 Oct 2012

Physics meets Medicine

Medical physicists attend three-week activity at ICTP to hone skills

12 Oct 2012

Fresh Faces at ICTP

Postgraduate Diploma Batch of 2012-2013 welcomed

11 Oct 2012

The Pride of the Uighur People

Chinese region honours the talent and hard work of ICTP Diploma alumna

11 Oct 2012

ICTP and Latin America

New agreement with Panama strengthens north-south ties

09 Oct 2012

Schlumberger Foundation Fellowships

Fellowships are awarded to women from developing and emerging economies preparing for PhD or post-doctoral studies in the physical sciences

09 Oct 2012

2012 Physics Nobel Prize Announced

Serge Haroche and David Wineland are the 2012 Nobel laureates

04 Oct 2012

In Memoriam

Louise Johnson, 26 September 1940 - 25 September 2012

04 Oct 2012

10K and Growing

Captured by an automated recording system, ICTP courses add to a growing archive of rich educational resources

04 Oct 2012

Science for All

ICTP participates in major Trieste science festival

24 Sep 2012

Attracting Bright Minds to Mathematics

African students with aptitude for mathematics visit ICTP to explore career possibilities

24 Sep 2012

Science in the South

Brazil school on mathematical biology now accepting applications

19 Sep 2012

Modelling New Frontiers

New ICTP research programmes use computers to seek answers in energy, biology

19 Sep 2012

Physics meets Anthropology

Modern physics tools uncover prehistoric dental treatment

18 Sep 2012

Celebrating Science and Sustainability

TWAS General Conference and Meeting, this year in China, highlights developing world science achievements

17 Sep 2012

A Conference that Counts

Joint workshop on combinatorics and graph theory offers a winning arrangement

17 Sep 2012

New Research Opportunities at ICTP

Postdoctoral and Visiting Opportunities at Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Section

13 Sep 2012

Quantum Quests

ICTP co-sponsors Asian nanotechnology conference

13 Sep 2012

ICTP in Eurasia

New agreement to establish regional research centre in Turkey

06 Sep 2012

Prestigious Award for ICTP Diploma Alumnus

Mayly Sanchez's work on neutrinos recognised

31 Aug 2012

A Celebration of Mathematics

ICTP to hold Ramanujan Prize ceremony on 6 September

31 Aug 2012

Public Science in Trieste

ICTP to participate in regional science festival

30 Aug 2012

Meet the Graduates

A bright future awaits ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme alumni

27 Aug 2012

Aiming for the Stars

ICTP partners with IAU to use Astronomy for Development

24 Aug 2012

Visit by Nigerian Legislators

Strengthening the bond by improving science and technology

23 Aug 2012

Diploma Success

Thirty-six students from developing world earn ICTP Postgraduate Diploma

23 Aug 2012

Putting theories to the test

Passionate experimentalist finds home among theorists

23 Aug 2012

Chilled atoms

Vietnamese diploma student studies ultracold atomic physics

23 Aug 2012

Labor of love

Experience in private sector inspires student to study earthquake science

23 Aug 2012

Exposed to new perspectives

Iranian student grows from exposure to different culture

23 Aug 2012

Nature’s mathematical ways

Student from Thailand studies dark matter using string theory

23 Aug 2012

From the Mount of Olives to Elliptic Curves

Climbing mathematical mountains

23 Aug 2012

Digging deeper into the math

Senegalese student gets chance to work on dynamical systems

23 Aug 2012

Beyond the Standard Model

Venezuelan student learns to hunt for missing symmetry in particle physics

23 Aug 2012

The resources for research

High-energy physics student gets what he needs from ICTP

23 Aug 2012

Bringing better science to a storm-ravaged land

A multidisciplinary approach to earth system physics

22 Aug 2012

Gathering Evidence to Prove Existence of Majorana Fermions

Carlo Beenakker speaks at the ICTP colloquium series

17 Aug 2012

Building prosperity through science

U.S. Ambassador sees potential in ICTP for a more peaceful world

10 Aug 2012

In Praise of Nanotubes

ICTP Prize ceremony honours young Brazilian physicist's discoveries

09 Aug 2012

Measuring the Physical and Social Winds

Training activity tackles monsoon science, climate policy issues

08 Aug 2012

The Fundamentals of Physics

African students receive training in cutting-edge physics research

08 Aug 2012

ICTP Awards 2012 Dirac Medal to Condensed Matter Physicists

Study of strange phenomenon with possible technology uses powers this year’s awards

08 Aug 2012

ICTP Website Evaluation Survey

Looking for your feedback!

07 Aug 2012

An overview of an invisible force

Scientist with ties to ICTP publishes book in Oxford series

02 Aug 2012

ICTP Scientific Council Members Awarded New Physics Prize

Transformative scientific contributions recognized

01 Aug 2012

Air Quality Faces Worldwide Decline

Study shows consequences of business-as-usual policies

27 Jul 2012

Looking For New Clues in a Cosmic Relic

Summer school at ICTP presents cutting-edge cosmological research

24 Jul 2012

Poincaré Exhibit in the Marie Curie Library

ICTP's tribute to the mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer, and philosopher of science

19 Jul 2012

Big Universe, Big Lessons

Young scientists gather at ICTP for cosmology summer school

18 Jul 2012

The Fundamentals of Ultra-cold Atoms and Molecules

Summer School on Quantum Many-Body Physics of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Molecules at ICTP

13 Jul 2012

Second largest computing centre in Italy launched in Trieste

Agreement signed by SISSA and ICTP on 130-TeraFlop computing-capacity cluster

12 Jul 2012

Liquified Physics

Conference explores how fluids emulate nature's trickiest laws

10 Jul 2012

Dirac Medallists Inspired by Mathematical Beauty

Three recipients awarded for work on quantum field theory

05 Jul 2012

Spotlight on Solar Energy

Photovoltaics expert receives prestigious Austrian award

04 Jul 2012

ICTP Applauds CERN Higgs Results

Centre participated in international research initiative

02 Jul 2012

Higgs Boson Search Update

CERN to release preliminary results of ATLAS experiment

29 Jun 2012

Power Computing in Africa

ICTP provides education, equipment to boost Africa's research capacity

27 Jun 2012

ICTP scientific council member honoured

Francis Kofi Ampenyin Allotey receives honorary IOP fellowship

25 Jun 2012

Ramanujan Prize Recipient Announced

2012 award goes to Brazilian mathematician

13 Jun 2012

Physics Without Frontiers

ICTP, CERN programme inspires young scientists in Palestine

12 Jun 2012

The Chaos of a Coin Toss

Evolving field of dynamical systems attracts hundreds to ICTP school

07 Jun 2012

Special ICTP Event

Centre to host viewing of "Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide"

06 Jun 2012

Learning on the Go

Mobile phones are opening new paths for scientific education

05 Jun 2012

Prestigious Vietnamese award for ICTP Associate

Le Thi Thanh Nhan is winner of the 2011 Kovalevskaia Prize

05 Jun 2012

Cutting-edge Science for All

ICTP's free science journal delivery service celebrates 10th anniversary

28 May 2012

India Honours Climate Scientist

Jagadish Shukla receives Padma Shri award

23 May 2012

Press Statement

ICTP and the Northern Italian earthquake

10 May 2012

Renowned Biophysicist Joins ICTP Scientific Council

Princeton scientist brings expertise in new ICTP research area

08 May 2012

Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship on Quantitative Biology

Deadline for submitting applications 31 July 2012

04 May 2012

Promoting 'nuclear security culture' in the developing world

ICTP, IAEA to hold 2nd School on Nuclear Security

03 May 2012

Translating Research Ideas to Business Models

Researchers and engineers from developing countries learn entrepreneurship concepts

26 Apr 2012

ICTP vs Malaria

Climate modelling vital tool in preventing disease outbreaks

20 Apr 2012

From Physicists to Entrepreneurs

Workshop to impart entrepreneurial skills to scientists

18 Apr 2012

To the Edge of the Universe

Lord Martin Rees takes audience through journey in time, space

16 Apr 2012

Photovoltaics vs Fossil Fuels

Investment in policy, R&D needed to ensure bright future

13 Apr 2012

Understanding Climate Change and Sensitivity

Professor Michael Ghil lectures at ICTP's Colloquium Series

13 Apr 2012

ICTP Hosts Major International Physics Forum

Event connects science with industry

12 Apr 2012

ICTP Awarded European Commission Contract

Centre to provide GNSS training in Africa

02 Apr 2012

ICTP Prize Awarded

Recipient has discovered single nanotube properties

26 Mar 2012

Non-molecular CO2 Under Pressure

ICTP scientist and former diploma student authors in PNAS paper

28 Feb 2012

Collaboration on Social Networks

Statistical Physics Research Published in PNAS

26 Feb 2012

ICTP to Broadcast Lecture Series

Talks by Nima Arkani-Hamed available live, online

23 Feb 2012

African Energy Solutions

Conference highlights solar energy for Africa

22 Feb 2012

Home Honours for TRIL Fellow

Solar energy researcher cited for promotion of science

22 Feb 2012

Post-Doctoral Fellowships Available

Research Opportunities for Scientists from Central and Eastern Europe

20 Feb 2012

Abel and Ramanujan Meet in Mumbai

Ramanujan Prize to be presented at Abel Symposium

14 Feb 2012

2012 Optics Prize Awarded

ICTP and the International Commission for Optics (ICO) have announced that the winner of the 2012 ICO/ICTP Gallieno Denardo Award is Selçuk Aktürk of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey. Dr. Aktürk earned the award "for his valuable work in the field of ultra-short optical pulses and in particular...

14 Feb 2012

Developing Excellence

Training fellowships are available for young candidates from non-European Union countries who want to take entrance exams for Ph.D programmes at the international School For Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste. They can participate in the entrance exams for the following Ph.D courses: Applied Mathematics and ...

06 Feb 2012

Science at Ground Zero

ICTP building science capacity in Haiti

06 Feb 2012

ICTP in Brazil

Centre opens ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research

01 Feb 2012

Questions, Answers, and Paradoxes in Fundamental Physics

Arkani-Hamed's talks kick-off Salam Lecture Series

27 Jan 2012

ICTP Announces Logo Contest Winner

Design was one of nearly 200 contest entries

24 Jan 2012

South African Delegation at ICTP

Representatives publicize bid to host SKA

19 Jan 2012

Salam Lecture Series 2012

ICTP inaugurates series with renowned physicist

19 Jan 2012

AGU highlights ICTP Research

Paper selected for 'Editor's Choice' column

19 Jan 2012

Call for Nominations

2012 Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians from Developing Countries

16 Jan 2012

Ramanujan Prize Announced

2011 Ramanujan Prize goes to African Mathematician

16 Jan 2012

Atomic Movers and Shakers

Colloquium highlights collective behaviour of active particles

12 Jan 2012

ICTP Alumnus Awarded APS Prize

Honour cites human-rights efforts

12 Jan 2012

Quantum Quest for Sustainable Energy

Solar future lies in atomic scale

12 Jan 2012

New Year, New Colloquium Series

Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith lectures on international collaboration, energy