11 Nov 2011

Two Postdoctoral Positions in Climate-­Health Applications

Two postdoctoral positions are available in the Earth System Physics (ESP) section of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), an IAEA/UNESCO affiliated institute located in Trieste in northern Italy. The positions are funded by European Union FP7 projects QWeCI and HEALTHY FUTURES, wh...

10 Nov 2011

ICTP in Brazil

Centre opens ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research

07 Nov 2011

Salam Documentary Opens Trieste Film Festival

10 November screening at Science+Fiction film festival is free to the public

02 Nov 2011

ICTP Seeks Creative Types

ICTP announces a logo contest open to all budding artists and those with a flair for graphics! The Centre is looking for a bold, eye-catching design in a new logo that could convey the excitement and international scope of ICTP. The winning entry will receive a Euro 2000 cash prize. The logo, which can be ...

01 Nov 2011

Superfluidity in Quantum Systems

Research targets phase transition of superfluids to insulators

27 Oct 2011

ICTP Welcomes Postgrad Students

Year of intense study through Postgraduate Diploma Programme underway

26 Oct 2011

ICTP Researcher Appointed to Hirzebruch Chair

The position is at the Max-Planck-Institut for Mathematics

26 Oct 2011

Can We Improve Regional Climate Projections?

ICTP climate scientist Filippo Giorgi interviewed for article in the journal Science

25 Oct 2011

Boosting Renewable Energy

ICTP workshop focusses on storage, efficiency and affordability

20 Oct 2011

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that ICTP announces the passing of Adriano Lucatello, head of the Personnel Office, who died on 19 October after a long battle with cancer. Adriano had been at ICTP since 1983. Starting first at the reception of the Galileo Guesthouse, Adriano then performed finance duties for external a...

19 Oct 2011

Watching the Future of Water Resources

ICTP climate researchers contribute to international water assessment

06 Oct 2011

String Along

A series of seminars on string theory

04 Oct 2011

Postdoctoral Positions in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics

ICTP's Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics section (CMSP) is offering a limited number of post-doctoral positions for young condensed matter and statistical physics theoreticians, available starting in autumn 2012. CMSP's current research areas include: disordered quantum many-body systems, quantum M...

04 Oct 2011

Faster than light...or not?

ICTP senior particle physicist Alexei Smirnov, a neutrino expert, gives perspective to recent findings

28 Sep 2011

Throwing Light on Neutrino Behaviour

OPERA researcher explains team's findings on neutrino velocity

27 Sep 2011

Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematics for 2012

A fellowship, named after Shiing-Shen Chern, is open to outstanding young mathematicians from around the world, and has especially attractive terms with a total tenure of 3+2 years, starting in 2012. The successful candidate will have an excellent track record of research in any area of mathematics and will b...

20 Sep 2011

Beyond the Standard Model

Physicists gather at ICTP to discuss the latest results from the LHC

20 Sep 2011

Postdoctoral Positions In Theoretical High Energy Physics

Up to four new postdoctoral positions will be available in the Abdus Salam ICTP High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (HECAP) section for the academic years 2012 - 2014. Appointments will be made initially for two years, with the possibility of an extension for a third year. Members of the section...

19 Sep 2011

Researchers' Night 2011

ICTP in Trieste science celebration

14 Sep 2011

Science in the Desert

Jordan's synchrotron facility an oasis of discovery

12 Sep 2011

Cosmic Rays Past and Present

ICTP Colloquium highlights Italian research contribution

09 Sep 2011

Projecting Climate Impacts

School on modelling targets health, crops and water

08 Sep 2011

On Black Holes, Cold Materials, and Hot Nuclei

Using gauge/gravity duality as a tool to understand physics in different systems

08 Sep 2011

Abdus Salam: The Dream of Symmetry

New documentary premieres 19 September at ICTP

01 Sep 2011

ICTP launches iTunes U site

Includes free downloads of ICTP lectures, conferences,documentaries

25 Aug 2011

Future Leaders in Nuclear Energy Hone Their Skills

Young professionals attend school on nuclear energy management

25 Aug 2011

On Matters of the Brain

ICTP colloquium on the complex workings of neural circuits

25 Aug 2011

Deadline Extended: ICTP Prize

ICTP is now accepting nominations for the 2011 ICTP Prize. This year's Prize will honour a young scientist working in the fields of physics or mathematics. The deadline has been extended to 30 September. To be eligible, candidates should be no more than 40 years old on 31 December 2011. They should be nati...

22 Aug 2011

ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Certificates Awarded

Ceremony marks 20th year of programme

11 Aug 2011

Deadline Extended for TRIL Grant Application

ICTP's Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL) Programme gives scientists from developing countries, including those in central and eastern Europe, the opportunity to work at Italian Physics research laboratories of universities, governmental and private institutions. The time period usually ranges f...

08 Aug 2011

ICTP awards 2011 Dirac Medal

Work on conformal field theories cited

29 Jul 2011

Combining Perspectives on Strongly-Correlated Quantum Systems

Workshop focused on cross-fertilization of ideas from analytical and computational approaches to studying condensed matter

28 Jul 2011

Correlated Tunneling in Hydrogen Bonds

Seminar examined how the molecular structure of water and ice is affected by quantum mechanics

27 Jul 2011

Deadline Extension for TRIL Application

ICTP's Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL) Programme gives scientists from developing countries, including those in central and eastern Europe, the opportunity to work at Italian Physics research laboratories of universities, governmental and private institutions. The time period usually ranges f...

21 Jul 2011

Astrobiology in Latin America

Seminar discussed research and education endeavors of new NASA affiliate

21 Jul 2011

Leverhulme Visiting Professorship

ICTP scientist will undertake research in the UK

18 Jul 2011

Order Emerging

Colloquium explored the nature and formation of patterns

13 Jul 2011

Looking at the Neutrino Sky

ICTP workshop discusses production, propagation, and detection of high energy cosmic neutrinos

13 Jul 2011

Combining Climate Models

Two events highlight the importance of integrating information from different climate models

13 Jul 2011

Stig Lundqvist Conference covers cutting-edge research

Topics include topological insulators, ultra-cold atoms

12 Jul 2011

Brains, Bones, and Microbes

Physics of the Living State seminar series continues on 13 July

05 Jul 2011

Supercritical Conditions

ICTP/IAEA joint school looks to the future of nuclear reactor design

22 Jun 2011

An Interview with Professor Sir Michael Berry

Professor Sir Michael Berry was at ICTP to lecture at the Workshop on Singular Optics and its Applications to Modern Physics. Watch his interview where he talks about theories in optics and light and how he got interested in pursuing research in this field.

21 Jun 2011

Particle Physics at ICTP

Two-week school on particle physics a stellar success

20 Jun 2011

From Nuclear Technology to Hydrogen Energy

ICTP/IAEA joint school looks at the role nuclear technology could play in hydrogen production

15 Jun 2011

One Green Step At a Time

Need tips to go green? Watch ICTP's entry for the 3rd Greening UNESCO Video Clip Competition. The video has been produced by ICTP's  Publications Office  and the 'Going Green" team.    

06 Jun 2011

Scientific Capacity Building in Bangladesh

ICTP facilitates donation of high performance computing equipment

30 May 2011

Physics Prizes for ICTP Council Chair, Scientist

Awards honour contributions to high energy physics

27 May 2011

ICTP Postdoc Receives Prestigious Indian Award

Indian National Science Academy recognizes work on aerosols and climate change

27 May 2011

Grant Winners Announced

Support promotes e-learning in the developing world

18 May 2011

Success for Diploma Programme Alumnus

Paper based on thesis published in Physical Review Letters

18 May 2011

Library Exhibit Honours Scientist-Philosopher

Display highlights achievements of Rudjer Boskovic

18 May 2011

Quantum Activity in Argentina

Non-equilibrium quantum systems is topic of 2-week college

17 May 2011

Climate Computing

Conference looks at role of e-infrastructure in climate research

16 May 2011

The Trieste-Malawi Connection

ICTP researcher runs for charity

13 May 2011

Before the Big Bang, beyond the Cosmos

Alexander Vilenkin explains the new worldview at ICTP colloquium series

12 May 2011

In Memoriam

Stanislav Mikheyev, an outstanding experimentalist in the field of neutrino and underground physics, died suddenly of a heart attack on 23 April in Moscow. Mikheyev was a close collaborator of ICTP scientist Alexei Smirnov of the Centre's High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics section. The two, alon...

10 May 2011

2010 Ramanujan Prize Ceremony

Chinese mathematician Yuguang Shi receives the honours

06 May 2011

Commitment to Communications

ICTP, International Telecommunication Union strengthen ties

05 May 2011

Tosatti Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Joins ranks of Einstein, Oppenheimer and Edison

04 May 2011

Understanding the ionosphere to improve communication systems

New ionosphere sensing technique being implemented in Africa

29 Apr 2011

ICTP Teaching the Teachers

Joint UNESCO workshop upgrades knowledge, science teaching skills

27 Apr 2011

ICTP and Perimeter Institute Strengthen Ties

Memorandum of Understanding to encourage scientific visits and collaborations

14 Apr 2011

Making the Most of the Sunshine

Expert on Photovoltaics at ICTP's Colloquium Series

11 Apr 2011

School on Nuclear Security

ICTP, IAEA promote 'nuclear security culture' in developing world

08 Apr 2011

Earth System Physics Spotlight

ICTP presence at European Geosciences Union conference

07 Apr 2011

ICTP Research Highlights

Papers by three ICTP scientists and one Diploma Programme student--all affiliated with the Centre's Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics section--have appeared recently in prominent science journals. A paper titled 'Structural properties and phase transitions in a silica clathrate' (J. Chem. Phys. 134, 07...

07 Apr 2011

ICTP Promotes E-Learning

Grants available for openEyA automated recording system

23 Mar 2011

Abel Prize Winner Announced

2011 award goes to John Milnor

14 Mar 2011

Technology for a Greener World

Wireless sensors offer affordable environmental monitoring options

11 Mar 2011

The Cambridge Connection

ICTP signs agreement with Stephen Hawking research centre

28 Feb 2011

Video Spotlight: Joint ICTP-SISSA PhD Programme

ICTP - SISSA PhD programme

28 Feb 2011

ICTP, SISSA Announce Joint PhD

New PhD programme is for students from developing countries

21 Feb 2011

Quantum Mechanics at ICTP

Modern applications of quantum mechanics--from quantum cryptology to quantum computing--are just a few of the topics to be discussed at the "Workshop on New Trends in Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Entanglement" taking place at ICTP from 21 to 25 February. The workshop, which is co-sponsored by ICTP, the Univer...

16 Feb 2011

A bright future for Africa

ICTP supports new African solar energy network

14 Feb 2011

ICTP on YouTube

Videos from "After 45" event now on popular video site

09 Feb 2011

Towards a Healthy Future in Africa

ICTP scientists part of the EU "Healthy Futures" project

08 Feb 2011

Optics Prize Awarded

Filipino, Mexican physicists share this year's prize

08 Feb 2011

Icy Giants' Composition Re-examined

Molecular analysis of interior challenges current theories

07 Feb 2011

New Director for TWAS

Physicist Romain Murenzi of Rwanda appointed

03 Feb 2011

ICTP, OGS Renew Agreement

Joint effort benefits scientists from developing world

02 Feb 2011

Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects President

ICTP Scientific Council member is new leader of Academy

28 Jan 2011

Abdus Salam Online

Renewed website launched on Abdus Salam’s 85th anniversary

28 Jan 2011

Ramanujan Prize Winner Announced

2010 award goes to Chinese mathematician

26 Jan 2011

Praise for ICTP Statistical Physics

A recent Nature article titled "Systemic risk in banking ecosystems", written by Andrew G. Haldane of the Bank of England and Lord Robert M. May of Oxford University, highlights extensively work done by ICTP researcher Matteo Marsili and collaborators. The article, which provides an overview of financial netw...

26 Jan 2011

Hiring: Senior Researcher in Mathematics

ICTP recruiting for a position in its Mathematics section

25 Jan 2011

ICTP After 45 Products

Videos, presentations, and other products from ICTP's event "ICTP After 45: Science and Development for a Changing World" have been gathered to one online location for easy reference. Please visit the After 45 web page to see lectures by world-class physicists, photos of the proceedings, and press releases highl...

21 Jan 2011

Technology for Learning

A new room dedicated to the electronic dissemination of science has been inaugurated by ICTP scientists, staff members and guests. The room is mainly for educational and research activities coordinated by the Centre's Science Dissemination Unit (SDU) but is open to the whole ICTP community. The SDU Lab/Semina...

18 Jan 2011

Ultra-cold Conference in Goa

ICTP recently sponsored a Conference on Research Frontiers in Ultra-Cold Atomic and Molecular Gases in Goa, India, that attracted about 100 scientists. Over the past decade investigations of ultra-cold quantum gases have revealed a wealth of intriguing phenomena. Ultra-cold gases provide highly controllable sy...

17 Jan 2011

Computational Physics at ICTP

Workshop explored computation methods to further physics research

12 Jan 2011

Focus on Clean Energy

ICTP's Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL) programme is accepting applications for a fellowship programme focussing on recent developments in science and technology for renewable energy. The fellowship supports scientists from developing countries to spend up to one year or longer at an Itali...

12 Jan 2011

Call for Nominations

ICTP Prize 2011