28 Jul 2016


The Mathematics Subject Classification 2020 revision is now open for suggestions

11 Jul 2016

Ennio Gozzi's Book Reviewed by CERN Courier

"...difficult to find a better and more compact introduction to this fundamental subject." Luis Álvarez-Gaumé

06 Jul 2016


The English edition of 'Homo Sapiens' by ICTP scientist Claudio Tuniz is now on display in the Library

30 Jun 2016

AIP Publishing Authors Now Retain Their Copyright

As of March 2016, AIP Publishing no longer requires authors to transfer their copyright

30 Jun 2016

arXiv Team Shares Survey Results

arXiv received 36,000 responses to a user survey aimed to seek input about services and future directions

23 Jun 2016

Chenyang Xu, Ramanujan Prize Winner

His profile and list of publications in MathSciNet

13 Jun 2016

Our Books on Cosmology

In connection with the Summer School and Workshop on Cosmology

31 May 2016

Sir Andrew J. Wiles - The Abel Prize Laureate 2016

'Fermat's Last Theorem' the enthralling and emotional story of Andrew Wiles is being shown at the Library

16 May 2016

Spring Cleaning at DOAJ

DOAJ will remove approximately 3300 journals for failure to submit a valid reapplication

12 May 2016

Insight Into Great Mathematical Minds!

Discover the latest additions to our section of collected works in mathematics and correspondence between mathematicians

12 Apr 2016

arXiv.org User Survey

arXiv is 25. Join in planning its future (and don't forget to share)!

06 Apr 2016

SCOAP3 Website Redesign

The new website architecture highlights information about the SCOAP3 business model and governance structure

15 Mar 2016

United Nations iLibrary

United Nations iLibrary is the first comprehensive global search and discovery for digital content

08 Mar 2016

Robots are Coming!

R.U.R., a theatrical performance based on Karel Čapek's 1920 play, at ICTP

24 Feb 2016

Paving the Way for Open Access

Publicly funded scientific research should be freely accessible. The Netherlands case

12 Feb 2016

On Gravitational Waves

Read the Physical Review Letters article and more!

29 Jan 2016

Abdus Salam's 90th Birthday

Visit our website dedicated to Abdus Salam and the permanent exhibition in the Marie Curie Library

27 Jan 2016

Top Physics Books of 2015

Physics World's annual list of the year's top physics books now all available in the Library

27 Jan 2016

New Physics Subject Headings from APS

PhySH, a physics classification scheme by APS replacing PACS, has been released

20 Jan 2016

Why String Theory?

A new book on string theory reviewed by ICTP Director Prof. Fernando Quevedo. Now in the Library

13 Jan 2016

Path Integrals for Pedestrians

Book by Ennio Gozzi, University of Trieste & INFN Professor, and ICTP Library collaborator. Now available