01 Sep 2015

Postgraduate Diploma Corner

Farewell Diploma graduates, welcome new students. The Library's selected resources for the Programme.

13 Aug 2015

Only the Longest Threads

By former ICTP Diploma student and Pakistan's 1st female string theorist Tasneem Zehra Husain. In the Library.

29 Jul 2015

The 21st Century Scientist

A special Issue of Nature examines what is needed to grow the next generation of scientists

21 Jul 2015

State of the Climate Report Released

"State of the Climate" is the summary of global climate published in "Bulletin of the AMS"

17 Jul 2015

Climate Data Explorer

World Resources Institute free and open source for comprehensive and comparable climate & emissions data

15 Jul 2015

John Nash Commemorative Collection

To commemorate John Nash, 40 articles inspired by his work free until the end of the year. Taylor & Francis.

09 Jun 2015

New Japanese Dissertations DB

NII opened new dissertation database on June 9th, 2015.

27 May 2015

UK’s 1st Fully Open Access University Press

All books, journals and monographs freely available online, creating a diverse & accessible knowledge resource

20 May 2015

How Does Your Country Compare?

Country comparison on a variety of themes including the economy, well-being, development, society, agriculture, employment, education and regional issues.

11 May 2015

English Language Proficiency

Student abroad? Get ready for your English proficiency test

22 Apr 2015

On Display - Homo Sapiens

The new book in Italian by ICTP scientist Claudio Tuniz is now on display in the Library

21 Apr 2015

CERN and Elsevier Announce Further Open Access Agreement

Thanks to a new agreement CERN results will appear as OA with copyright retained by CERN and its authors

16 Apr 2015

First Issue of Il Nuovo Cimento C Open Access

SIF's historical journal founded 160 years ago, moves with the times and converts into a fully OA journal

01 Apr 2015

ScienceAdvances by AAAS

Science Advances, the free, new open access journal from AAAS, is now available online

24 Mar 2015

UNESCO's Open Access Curriculum

The complete set of 5 OA modules for researchers and 4 OA modules for library schools is now online

17 Mar 2015

Hypatia in the Library

Read up on Hypatia before Thursday's show!

06 Mar 2015

350 years of publishing at the Royal Society

350 years ago Henry Oldenburg, secretary of the Royal Society, began the Philosophical Transactions of the RS

05 Mar 2015

CERN & APS Reach Open Access Agreement

CERN & APS have announced a partnership to make all CERN-authored articles published by APS to be Open Access

27 Feb 2015

Light Fantastic

Nature's special issue explores how scientists are pushing the properties of light to new extremes

25 Feb 2015

Frank Close on Pontecorvo

New Bruno Pontecorvo biography in the Library. Read a review by Freeman Dyson

20 Feb 2015

Enjoy 10 of the Best Physics World Articles on Light

To celebrate the IYL, Physics World has brought together 10 best feature articles about light

12 Feb 2015

Celebrating Darwin Day

New book by C. Tuniz, P.T. Vipraio "Homo sapiens. Una biografia non autorizzata" presented today in Sydney

02 Feb 2015

Winter College on Optics - Free Access

Free Access for OpticsInfoBase and SPIE Digital Library from the ICTP campus from the 2nd to the 20th Feb.

13 Jan 2015

ROAD's New Website

New version of the Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources (ROAD) Website