15 Oct 2014

The Future of the Book

From papyrus to pixels, the Economist's essay regarding the future of the book

13 Oct 2014

Future of the Particle Data Book and Booklet

Take a minute to help CERN help you; take the survey.

06 Oct 2014

Paolo Budinich's Life in Words and Pictures

On the day of the dedication of our Main Lecture Hall to Paolo Budinich, a new biography hot off the press

23 Sep 2014

University Press Scholarship Online free trial period

A free trial period for the University Press Scholarship Online platform is now active until 25/11/2014

16 Sep 2014


Proceedings of the symposium in honour of Bruno Pontecorvo for the centennial of the birth

15 Sep 2014

Cambridge Books Online trial period

The Library is pleased to announce a trial period for Cambridge Books Online until 16/10/2014

08 Sep 2014

Mathematical Sciences Publishers grants free trial period

MSP Nonprofit scientific publishing granted us a 2 month trial period.

03 Sep 2014

Postgraduate Diploma Programme - eBook Selection

Reference Textbooks for the Postgraduate Diploma Programme in eBook format

01 Sep 2014

SISSA Library Changes Opening Hours

The SISSA Library new hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 19:00, Saturday: 9:00 - 13:00

26 Aug 2014

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

Now online. Anyone can now enjoy reading a copy of Feynman's legendary lectures

07 Aug 2014

Symmetry and Fundamental Physics: Tom Kibble at 80

ICTP has awarded its 2013 Dirac Medal to: Thomas W.B. Kibble, Phillip James E. Peebles and Martin John Rees.

03 Jul 2014

Vladimir Keilis-Borok: a biography

The biography of Professor Keilis-Borok, published with the contribution of ICTP.

10 Jun 2014

Applied Physics Reviews becomes an independent journal

Due to its success, starting January 2014 Applied Physics Reviews began being published independently of its parent publication, Journal of Applied Physics.

06 Jun 2014

Ramanujan identities' source found after one century

Discover Magazine explains how three mathematicians untangled the so called "Rogers-Ramanujan identities".

26 May 2014

Librarians on Union Catalogues & Resources Sharing

The Marie Curie Library among the organizers of “ACNP/NILDE – An Ecosystem for Research”.

01 May 2014

AGU improving free journal access

Starting May 1st, all AGU journal content from 1997 to content published 24 months ago is freely available online. This change applies to all articles, supplementary materials, and AGU's weekly newspaper, Eos.

30 Apr 2014

New book by ICTP Professor Claudio Tuniz

Now available in the Library collection: L'atomo inquieto an adapted and revised translation of Radioactivity. A Very Short Introduction originally published in English in 2012.

15 Apr 2014

An International Centre, in Trieste

Public reading in the Library celebrates the "World Book and Copyright Day".

04 Apr 2014

Spring School on Superstring Theory and Related Topics

Books in the Library about superstring theories and string model

28 Mar 2014

Yakov Sinai in the Library Collection

Check all the books by the 2014 Abel Prize and 1992 Dirac Medal winner Yakov Sinai in the Marie Curie Library collection.

27 Mar 2014

In connection with the show "Tesla: Autobiography of a Genius"

presented at ICTP on the 27/3/2014, see the Tesla biographies in the Library.

17 Mar 2014

Preview "Particle Fever", a documentary on the quest for the Higgs boson.

"Particle Fever", a documentary that takes viewers inside the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, is out in theaters in the US. It was produced by David Kaplan, a physicist at Johns Hopkins University.

17 Mar 2014

Forthcoming Libraries Conference in Trieste

The conference will be open to international contributions and will address the issues of the relationship between collective catalogues and interlibrary services. It will be held on 22-23 May at the University of Trieste.

14 Mar 2014

A User's Picks 2013

Gianrossano Giannini, Professor of Physics at the University of Trieste and a regular at the Marie Curie Library, suggests the books he has loved among the 1,000+ new acquisitions in 2013.

17 Feb 2014

"Science Advances" Announced by AAAS

AAAS has announced their first open access journal, publication will start in early 2015

31 Jan 2014

Winter College on Optics - Free Access

Free Access for OpticsInfoBase and SPIE Digital Library with an ICTP account from the 3rd to the 22nd of February 2014

29 Jan 2014

Two new OA journals from AMS

The American Mathematical Society offers two gold open access research journals

29 Jan 2014

Physical Review Applied now accepting papers

APS is now accepting submissions for Physical Review Applied, the newest member of the Physical Review family. Dedicated to publishing the highest quality research at the intersection of physics and engineering, Physical Review Applied will debut in early 2014.

14 Jan 2014

New UNESCO eBook

The new eBook published by UNESCO "Climate Change in Africa: A guidebook for journalists".