10 Nov 2020

World Science Day for Peace and Development

A day to highlight the importance and relevance of science in our lives

07 Nov 2020

Happy birthday Marie and Lise!

A tribute to women scientists

04 Nov 2020

State of the Environment and Development in the Mediterranean 2020

A comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of environment and development interactions in the Mediterranean

03 Nov 2020

Help combat predatory academic journals and conferences

Complete IAP's survey by 30 November, be part of the solution

28 Oct 2020

1st volume in the series "Why it matters" published by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library

"75 Milestones in International Cooperation" to celebrate the UN 75th anniversary

27 Oct 2020

Open Science joint appeal from UNESCO, WHO, OHCHR, CERN

Call on the international community to enable universal access to scientific progress and its applications

21 Oct 2020

Good news for researchers in particle physics and environmental scientists

Annual Reviews of Nuclear and Particle Science is now Open Access

19 Oct 2020

Engage in making Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research

Openness can be a powerful tool for building more equitable systems of sharing knowledge

09 Oct 2020

Roger Penrose as a writer

Popular and less popular science from our shelves

06 Oct 2020

Nobel Prize to Black Holes

Find all information from the Nobel website

31 Aug 2020

We are re-opening our study spaces

17 desks available - Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

30 Aug 2020

Working from home? Find all the resources you may need here

Regularly updated list of resources relevant to the ICTP community

28 Aug 2020

Want to find an Open Journal where to publish?

Try this journal recommender tool built on DOAJ

14 Aug 2020

New tool for Open Educational Resources

Open Scholarship Knowledge Base free repository of open scholarship resources to support researchers

13 Aug 2020

A deep dive into FAIR research data

Free 2 hours course to make your research efficient, transparent and sustainable

16 Jul 2020

Library services on campus - Temporary arrangements

Monday to Friday 9-16

15 Jul 2020

cOAlition S paves the way to immediate Open Access via repositories

Open Access to the Author Accepted Manuscripts (AAMs) or the Version of Record (VoR) of articles

08 Jul 2020

The pandemic and the global library field

Helping libraries make choices on how to re-open and resume services

02 Jul 2020

COVID-19 shows that scientific journals need to open up

What will happen after the pandemic with scientific communication? Will everything go back behind paywalls?

30 Jun 2020

To combat misinformation in COVID-19 research

New OA, rapid-review overlay journal from MIT Press and UC Berkeley

30 Jun 2020

In the transition to Open Access and Open Science

A call on researchers, policy makers, funders, service providers, universities and libraries

10 Jun 2020

jobRxiv - Just for jobs in science

Free and international job board for scientists, by scientists

05 Jun 2020

Science after the pandemic

From Nature: a series of articles on how research will change

03 Jun 2020

Register to the African Scientists Directory

Launched to create a vibrant and well connected African science community

24 May 2020

Contribute to the global discussion on Open Science

Participate in the UNESCO Survey by 15 June

22 May 2020

120 Springer Nature ebooks free through 31 July

Pick the textbooks that intrigue you from our catalogue

21 May 2020

Faculty-focused playbook

A concise guide to design, enhance and optimize your teaching in online enrivonments

18 May 2020

MIT Press Direct ebooks [via ICTP VPN only]

Over 2700 ebooks in Physical science, Math & Stat, Computer science and much more

10 May 2020

10 May 1933 - Not the first, nor the last book burning

Einstein's works were burned with other thousands

06 May 2020

CHORUS publishers’ data availability policies index

Useful tool with links to the policies on the publisher's site

29 Apr 2020

Struggling with math? get inspired by this free ebook

Living proof: Stories of resilience along the mathematical journey

23 Apr 2020

#WorldBookDay 2020

Because reading is more important now than ever

13 Apr 2020

Interested in developments in scholarly communication?

Check these interesting free webinars opportunities in April and May

01 Apr 2020

APS Physical Review remote access options

Various ways to access APS journals off-campus [INTRANET]