ICTP is a special organization, a UNESCO category 1 institute,  that combines excellence in research with a unique global mission for international cooperation through science.

ICTP has an enviable track-record of accomplishments both in pure science and in organized international cooperation, science diplomacy, and capacity building. Research at ICTP has led to major breakthroughs in areas ranging from the unification of fundamental interactions and the theory of neutrino oscillations to climate modeling. More recently, cross disciplinary research is paving the way for advances in quantum technologies and artificial intelligence. Over the past five decades, more than 150,000 scientists from over 180 countries have benefitted from the advanced scientific programmes at ICTP in diverse fields, contributing at the very frontiers of knowledge.

It is our core belief that science is a shared language that transcends national boundaries and provides a common platform for dialogue. Science answers to a fundamental human need to understand how the universe works but is at the same time a unique collective enterprise that is naturally global and democratic with high community standards of integrity. As our Founding Director Abdus Salam summarized, `science is a common heritage of all humankind’.

Science has an enormous transformative potential not only through technology but also by promoting  a culture that inculcates respect for facts and humility to be guided by the evidence. ICTP was envisioned as an international hub for advanced science and as an anchor for building scientific capacity in the developing world emphasizing the essential role of basic sciences in development. This pivotal role of ICTP is  all the more important today but requires flexibility to take into account changing realities and priorities.

To meet the new challenges, ICTP has  launched a fundraising campaign. ICTP has had a tremendous impact around the globe breaking the barriers of geography, economics, gender and ethnicity. Be a part of this noble mission by giving online  and help us bring the world together through excellence in science.

Atish Dabholkar

Director, ICTP
Assistant Director General, UNESCO