ICTP Prize Winner 2012


Pablo Mininni

The 2012 ICTP Prize is awarded to Pablo Mininni, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina, in honour of Marshall N. Rosenbluth.

The Prize recognizes Professor Mininni's important contributions to advancing the understanding of fluid and magnetofluid turbulence at a fundamental theoretical level as well as working out a myriad of applications in astrophysics and atmospheric sciences. The former, inter alia, includes probing the structure of nonlinear interactions and the ensuing cascades of energy and other ideal invariants, and the latter spans a wide spectrum of problems such as the solar cycle, turbulent dynamos, magnetic reconnection, rotating flows, and stratified turbulence. His work has made a strong  impact on this very active field.

Marshall N. Rosenbluth (1927-2003) received his doctorate from the University of Chicago in 1949, under the guidance of Edward Teller, with whom he would re-join  a year later to provide theoretical guidance on nuclear fusion at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In between he took a postdoctoral appointment at Stanford University, which resulted in the so-called "Rosenbluth formula" that Robert Hofstadter mentioned in his 1961 Nobel lecture.  In 1953, Rosenbluth played a central role in developing the Metropolis algorithm, generally regarded as the most successful and influential of the Monte Carlo schemes developed in the 20th century.  Most of his career, however, was devoted to plasma physics and to the theoretical developments needed to harness nuclear fusion as a source of energy. In this effort he recognized that small scale instabilities in plasmas, including turbulence, were important problems to be understood and he centered much of his attention in this area in later years. In 1964, with the encouragement of Abdus Salam, he organized the newly-formed ICTP's first activity: a plasma physics workshop that would gain historical significance by bringing together in Trieste leading plasma physicists from the Soviet-block and Western countries.


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