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Diploma Deadline

Why you should apply to ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme

08/12/2015 - Trieste

Are you a student from a developing country who dreams of earning a doctoral degree in physics or mathematics? ICTP could be your first step on the path to a PhD.

Over the years, more than 900 students from 78 developing countries have benefitted from ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme, an intense, one-year course of study that prepares students for PhD studies. Many Diploma graduates have gone on to do PhDs at prestigious universities, including in Europe and North America.  Diploma alumni continue to maintain an active collaboration with ICTP throughout their careers.

The Postgraduate Diploma Programme is open to young qualified graduates in physics, mathematics or related fields. ICTP awards a limited number of scholarships (around 10 per field) to successful candidates from developing countries (with particular emphasis on students from the least developed regions of the world) to cover travel and living expenses during their stay at the Centre. The selection of the candidates is based on their university performance as well as on academic recommendations.

The deadline (31 January 2016) is approaching for the next intake of students, who will begin studies in August 2016.

Still not sure whether to apply? Here are ten reasons why you should!


1. You want to be well prepared for the rigors of a PhD programme.

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2. You like the idea of learning from faculty doing their own top-notch research in all areas of physics or mathematics.
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3. You want to share your ideas with top scientists from around the world--including Nobel Laureates--visiting ICTP for conferences, collaborations, and their own research projects.
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4. You want a chance to carry out your own research with the guidance of an ICTP faculty member.


5. You want to experience life in Trieste, Italy, home of ICTP!


6. You would like to have access to ICTP's top-notch computing technology and database resources, along with the Marie Curie Library, home to one of the finest mathematics and physics collections in Europe.


7. You want to stretch your mind and be pushed to study harder than you think you can. No sluggish scientist ever won a Nobel!
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8. You love physics! You love mathematics!


9. You want eventually to return home, ready to pass on what you have learned at ICTP, and mentor other aspiring physics students.
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10. You're interested in belonging to a supportive and encouraging community of scientists who will serve as mentors, collaborators, and colleagues for the rest of your career.
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