News archive 2015

15 Dec 2015

Nobel Influence

A Diploma alumna and an Associate share their close encounters with recent Nobel Laureates

11 Dec 2015

Boosting Medical Physics

First 13 students earn joint ICTP-University of Trieste Master's in Medical Physics

10 Dec 2015

ICTP in Action

Recent ICTP activities worldwide reflect commitment to science sustainability

08 Dec 2015

Diploma Deadline

Why you should apply to ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme

03 Dec 2015

Climate Policy and ICTP

The Centre's Filippo Giorgi reflects on 20 years of climate negotiations

01 Dec 2015

Masters in Medical Physics

Graduation ceremony for first group to complete 2-year programme

27 Nov 2015

The Climate Agenda

ICTP conference confronts climate variability

26 Nov 2015

El Niño's Unpredictable Partner

ICTP research on Atlantic Niño in Nature Communications

24 Nov 2015

On the Trail of Neutrinos

What scientists hope to learn about physics' most elusive particle