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Weekly Meetings on Role of HPC

This week: Lennard-Jones code for Molecular Dynamics

07/12/2012 - Trieste

The weekly meetings with focus on High Performance Computing (HPC) and parallel programming continue at ICTP. Organised by the Information and Communication Technology Section (ICTS), the meetings have combined basic topics and their possible applications in the main scientific areas of interest for the ICTP Community. 

On 11 December 2012 at 11:00, the talk titled "Lennard-Jones code for Molecular Dynamics: from multi-threading to distributed memory." will be delivered by speaker Axel Kohlmeyer. This talk will give a brief description about a practical example of using mixed messsage passing and multi-threading programming paradigms for parallel development.

The talk will be in the Euler Lecture Room.

More details related to this series of talks can be found on the HPC Appointment page.