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Senior Postdoctoral Position in High Energy Physics

Academic Years 2012 - 2017

28/11/2011 - Trieste

A Senior Postdoctoral position will be available in the Abdus Salam ICTP High Energy, Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics Section for the academic years 2012 - 2017. The appointment will be made initially for three years, with the possibility of an extension for two more years, depending on mutual agreement and availability of funds. The candidate is expected to have a proven record of independent research and the ability to collaborate with the other postdoctoral fellows and the senior members of the Section.

The monthly take home salary will range from Euro 2,500 to Euro 3,000 depending on the seniority of the candidate. A travel grant to participate in scientific meetings, a removal allowance and standard health insurance are also included.

The Group is currently working on:

  • String theory including D-branes, Gauge/string theory duality, Phenomenological String theory/M theory
  • Particle Phenomenology including Grand Unification, Supersymmetry, Extra Dimensions, LHC/Collider physics
  • Cosmology including Large Scale Structures, Physics of the Early Universe, Present Acceleration
  • Topological field theories
  • Neutrino physics and astrophysics

The Section presently comprises 8 staff members and 10 postdoctoral researchers, as well as up to 200 short/long-term visitors per year. There is also a close collaboration between ICTP scientists and the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), the Department of Theoretical Physics of Trieste University, the Trieste section of the INFN, and the Trieste Observatory. The Section is also a member of the European network "Quest for Unification" and is actively involved in the ATLAS experiment at the CERN LHC.

Each application should include:

  • Up-to-date biodata
  • Full list of publications
  • Three letters of recommendation (may be (e)mailed separately)

Application forms can be accessed online, and the completed application must reach ICTP before 31 December 2011.  The selection will be made immediately thereafter.