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GianCarlo Ghirardi to talk at ICTP's Colloquium Series

"Conceptual aspects and problems of the quantum view of natural processes"

08/12/2010 - Trieste

Consorzio President and faculty member of University of Trieste, Prof. GianCarlo Ghirardi will give a colloquium at ICTP on "Conceptual aspects and problems of the quantum view of natural processes"

The talk will focus on the linear nature of quantum theory that gives rise to various puzzling problems which need clarification. For example, entanglement, nonlocality and the problem of the properties of individual physical systems, besides raising serious epistemological issues, represent precise challenges that the scientific community must face to have an internally consistent scientific scheme compatible with relativistic requirements.

Ghirardi will also talk about the measurement or macro-objectification problem - the focal point of a lively debate that has been ongoing for the past 80 years.

The colloquium will start at 16:30 in ICTP's Main Lecture Hall and is open to the public.