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Luis von Ahn at ICTP

Computer scientist to discuss "Human Computation"

19/11/2010 - Trieste

The computer scientist who helped pioneer the concept of "crowdsourcing" through such online projects as CAPTCHA and the ESP game will talk today at ICTP about harnessing human time and energy to address problems that computers cannot yet solve. Luis von Ahn, a professor in Carnegie Mellon Univerity's Computer Science Department and the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, created the concept of "Games with a purpose" to harness human abilities in an entertaining setting. Google later licensed von Ahn's ESP game as its Google Image Labeler, where users label random images to help improve image search results.

Von Ahn will deliver his talk at 17:00 in ICTP's Main Lecture Hall. The talk is open to the public.

The lecture is part of ICTP's Colloquium Series that promotes interdisciplinary physics.

More details about the lecture can be found here.