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Darwin and Modern Science

ICTP hosts exhibit on Darwin, evolution and the link to modern physics


On 24 November at 16:30, ICTP will host a free public lecture to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species. Titled "Darwin, Evolution and Science", the event will feature talks (in Italian) about the first humans in northeast Italy, the origin of life in the universe, and what Darwin might have discovered had he explored Antarctica. The talks will be held in ICTP's Main Lecture Hall.

ICTP's ongoing exhibit on Darwin and evolution, celebrating the bicentennial of Darwin' s birth, runs until 11 December. The exhibit, which is being held in the main lobby of the Leonardo Building, includes relics of ancient life, from dinosaur eggs to hominid remains, as well as information about Darwin's life and accomplishments. The exhibit also features a special laser-produced hologram of Neanderthal man, as well as demonstrations of how modern physics tools are helping scientists to more accurately date and characterise ancient materials of interest to evolution studies.

Details for both events are described here.