News Highlights 2020

27 Oct 2020

Air pollution and COVID-19 mortality

Study estimates 15% of COVID-19 deaths worldwide could be attributed to air pollution

22 Oct 2020

Awarding Physics Excellence

Recipients of 2020 ICTP Prize announced

21 Oct 2020

Postdoctoral Fellowships Available

Condensed Matter positions starting Autumn 2021

21 Oct 2020

Postdoc Opportunities at ICTP

Application deadlines for 2021

20 Oct 2020

Call for Applications

ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme

16 Oct 2020

Physics Nobel 2020

Nobel Laureate's work on black holes influences research at ICTP

09 Oct 2020

Two Online Colloquia This Week

Pete Warden of Google and John Michael Kosterlitz of Brown University

07 Oct 2020

How Best to Live with Climate Change

Diploma graduate Olivia Vashti Ayim on climate science for West Africa

05 Oct 2020

Filippo Giorgi awarded climate change prize

Premio Motumundi focusses on dialog between climate and environment