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Kip Thorne Featured on SciVibes

New ICTP podcast episodes out

Kip Thorne Featured on SciVibes
Kip Thorne Featured on SciVibes

01/06/2018 - Trieste

ICTP's recently launched podcast SciVibes is adding episodes every Friday! We're featuring casual chats with scientists from around the world about science, scientists, and everything related. We got a chance to speak with Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne last week, and it couldn't fit into only one podcast.

Four episodes featuring Kip Thorne were just released on our Soundcloud page, and they cover four aspects of his distinguished career. You can listen to episodes covering LIGO, outreach, making movies, and winning a Nobel now on Soundcloud, Stitcher, Apple, or our website: and let us know what you think at


Episode 4: Talking LIGO with Kip Thorne


Episode 5: Making Movies with Kip Thorne


Episode 6: What it's Like to Win a Nobel with Kip Thorne


Episode 7: Serious SciComm with Kip Thorne


And a bonus video!