Science and development for a changing world

ICTP has recently passed an important milestone: its 45th anniversary. With its new leadership and in light of rapid economic and technological developments taking place worldwide, ICTP recently hosted a high-level gathering of top scientists and policy makers to discuss the implications of global change on science and education in the developing world.

The event was titled "ICTP After 45: Science and Development for a Changing World", and ran from 8 to 10 November 2010.

Nobel Prize winners, government ministers, and leaders of development agencies from developed and developing countries, joined in an international dialogue to determine new, effective strategies for scientific research and education.

Speakers included David Gross, Physics Nobel Laureate (2004), and Walter Kohn, Chemistry Nobel Laureate (1998).

As part of the After 45 event,  ICTP celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Dirac Medal.  On Wednesday, 10 November, the Centre hosted a day-long series of lectures by past and present Medallists, covering a vast range of topics in theoretical physics.

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