Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics


ICTP's Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics (CMSP) section investigates the physics of disordered, mesoscopic and strongly correlated electron systems, and performs computer simulations of the atomistic and electronic structure of materials. Because many of the concepts and methods in condensed matter physics have at their core some elements of statistical and nonlinear physics, a significant amount of research in this section is devoted to statistical mechanics and applications.

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CMSP Research Topics

Disordered and Strongly Correlated Systems

Understanding the electronic behaviour of strongly correlated electron systems is one of the most important problems in condensed matter physics, one that is driving a revolution in the study of solids that produce exotic properties such as high-temperature superconductivity. Research by CMSP in this area includes topics related to theoretical nanophysics, localization, quantum systems out of equilibrium, low-dimensional systems with interaction, strong electron correlations in new materials, disordered superconducting and superfluid systems, and cold bosonic and fermionic atoms.

Electronic Structure and Computer Simulations

CMSP work in this area focusses on simulations of condensed matter at high pressures, new materials, ab-initio calculations of properties of nano- and bio-systems, catalysis and surface physics, simulations of fast processes of energy transfer, energy conversion and storage research, and physics of friction and lubrication.

Statistical Mechanics and Applications

CMSP work in this area focusses on cooperative phenomena in complex adaptive systems, statistical mechanical descriptions of complex networks (such as the financial market), application of statistical mechanics to computer science, optimization problems in genetics and biophysics, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, and quantum computing. The results have applications for computer network performance, financial markets and genetics, among other things.

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