Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics


ICTP's Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics (CMSP) section investigates the physics of disordered, mesoscopic and strongly correlated electron systems, and performs computer simulations of the atomistic and electronic structure of materials. Because many of the concepts and methods in condensed matter physics have at their core some elements of statistical and nonlinear physics, a
significant amount of research in this section is devoted to statistical mechanics and applications.



Ali Hassanali, first from left, at FameLab Trieste
ICTP scientist grabs second prize at FameLab 2014
In Memoriam: Markus Büttiker
18 July 1950 - 4 October 2013
Postdoctoral and Visiting Opportunities at ICTP
ICTP's Condensed Matter Statistical Physics Section announces positions for 2014-2015
The 2013 Italian Physical Society Congress in Trieste
Several ICTP scientists actively involved in this year's Congress
One of the workshop's practical sessions
Workshop highlights "first-principles" electronic-structure theory